GOP Central Committee Meets Saturday at 9 at d’Andrea’s to Decide Fate of Tonya Franklin’s Bid to Oppose “Chainsaw Jack” Franks

Tonya Franklin will be at Vauchan's Family Restaurant in Woodstock to answer questions Friday from 1- 9.

Tomorrow is the day that willing Republican State Representative candidate Tonya Franklin learns whether she is authorized to seek 500 “good signatures” in two days

The meeting, to which the public is invited, will be held Saturday at 9 AM at d’Andre’s at southeast corner of Routes 14 and 31 in Crystal Lake. Franklin will arrive at 8 for those who have questions.

Tonya Franklin is playing, “Mother, may I?” with those who are quite comfortable, thank you, with having Democrat Jack Franks represent over one-third of McHenry County in Springfield.

Some of the Central Committee members eligible to vote at the meeting are contributors to past Jack Franks’ fund raisers. They are listed on his “Host Committee.”

One leading Republican even spoke in praise of Franks when asked if he would like to say a few words at a fund raiser a couple of years ago.

At Ken Koehler’s fund raiser last night I was asked again and again, “What’s going on?”

“Has there been a deal cut between Republican and Democratic Party legislative candidates that involves slating no one against the other?”

I wish I could answer either question, but I can’t.

Former GOP County Chairman Jack Schaffer also had no idea why the resistance to Tonya Franklin’s candidacy exists.

County Board Chairman Ken Koehler welcomed someone willing to that Jack Franks on.

Maybe it is as simple as the opponents’ not wanting anyone who was inspired to her Republican activism by the Tea Party movement.

Goodness knows there are plenty of Republican office holders who do not think we in McHenry County have been “Taxed Enough Already.”

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What has the GOP in McHenry County got to lose by allowing Tonya Franklin’s to take on “Chainsaw Jack” Franks?
Click on the title of my article from earlier this week below:

What’s the Downside of Tonya Franklin’s Running against “Chainsaw Jack” Franks?

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Since the Illinois House of Representatives has adjourned for the summer, GOP Chairman Mike Tryon should be able to chair the meeting Saturday morning.


GOP Central Committee Meets Saturday at 9 at d’Andrea’s to Decide Fate of Tonya Franklin’s Bid to Oppose “Chainsaw Jack” Franks — 9 Comments

  1. It’s Vaughan’s Family Restaurant in Woodstock, 790 South Eastwood Drive, (815) 338-3391.

    Obviously Franks has enough political power amongst Republicans to make it very difficult for even a Republican candidate running against him.

    It’s all about campaign contributions and votes.

    As we creep ever closer to skyrocketing taxes and fiscal implosion.

    Anyone tracking the number and value of tax sales by township in McHenry County during the most recent reporting period.

    How about foreclosures.

    How about short sales.

    How about unfunded pensions for each of the taxing districts on your property tax bill.

    How about collective bargaining agreements for each of the taxing districts on your property tax bill. And that’s just for starters.


    No one has a clue as to the true extent of our fiscal problems.

    We are only scratching the surface.

  2. There is a reason that 1/3 of the party doesn’t want anyone to run against him.

    I wonder who is bright enough to figure it out.

    Cal knows why. Rite Cal.

    Its been knowledge for along time but no one has the guts to say it and every-time I say it he calls me and yells at me for it.

    That’s why I’m no longer in his district.

    The reason he never carried Spring Grove and Richmond is people here want someone that tells the truth and they feel he doesn’t.

  3. The RINO Republicans are afraid that a Tea Partier might win or come close to beating the Marengo liar thereby making the Republican Party look like a bunch of morons instead of idiots.

  4. The responses at thr Koehler fundraiser about Tonya Franklin running for State Rep are obvious and people shouldn’t be fooled by anything like “party loyalty.”

    Koehler doesn’t like Jack Franks, because Franks suggested that the County Board Chairman be elected at large, by the public/voters, not by County Board (who he can manipulate and control).

    At risk are Koehler’s very big salary and the ability to put his nose into just about everything he chooses to. Schaffer’s phony disbelief about resistance to Tonya Franklin’s candidacy is his political trademark.

    Jack, you know darn well what happens when you put up a bad candidate.

    Remember when you supported your friend, Mike Brown, to run against Franks in his first election?

    a Democrat was elected.

    Don’t you remember when you and yours put up Nicky Justen for Sheriff?

    Art Tyrell became the first Democrat to be elected Sheriff in McHenry County, and a pretty good Sheriff, at that.

    Politicians seem to have selective memories.

    The voters remember.

  5. It’s all about Bills that need to be passed in IL,

    Obviously no one has actually been following the Bills that Mike Tryon has been trying to pass…

    His Transparency Bill that HIM and FRANKS worked on together…

    Now think for a moment what putting a candidate up against him would do…

    Point being its not the money it’s the bills.

    No pun intended haha

  6. I did some of my own checking and Tonya Franklin was arrested 8 times, not once as the NW Herald story said.

    She pled no contest to the offense of serving liquor to minors and put up no defense.

    Now she is claiming her boss made her do it?

    There are already enough politicians in Illinois who are crooks.

  7. Guess you didn’t see the photo of the Tonya Franklin arrested eight times. Under another story a commenter posted a link to her black face.

  8. It surprises me that No one remembers Jack said, he wouldn’t be a career politician when he ran for State Rep.

    But what is he now.

    The Republican Party doesn’t want to lose their 3 musketeers in Springfield.

    Does anyone remember the lists of people that Jack recommended to Ex-Governor Blagojevich for Appointments to State jobs.

    And they have us do ethic training, talk about State Waste.

    We aren’t the ones that need training.

  9. Jack Franks is stongly supported by the Teachers Union who are breaking the state treasury with their bloated pensions; he is supported by the Trial Lawyers, the Pro-abortion lobby, the Union Lobby, the Democratic Machine, and Michael Madigan.

    This isn’t a “psychotic rant”, these are facts.

    You can’t even deny a word of this.

    These positions are untenable and resultantly are financially destroying the state.

    States with the exact OPPOSITE political positions are running in the black..

    Thes are FACTS.

    The county is STONGLY opposed to every one of these.


    The reason Jack Franks gets away with it is because he’s politically savy and he has postured himself, for which he can be called the MASTER.

    He has successfully fooled not only the voters, but even McHenry County Republican officials like Nygren, Walters, Donely etc.

    My argument is based on fact.

    Your argument is based on popularity.

    Popularity in Politics is the monster that is electing self-serving politicians like Franks who are supporting the above positions at the demise of the state.

    Wisconsin, Indiana, and Ohio are headed in the opposite direction as Franks and the Democrats.

    10 years from now those states will be basking in financial success, and here in Illinois Franks and the Democrats will be demanding more support from the property taxpayer and asking them again to pay “their fair share”, which will be even more than their “fair share” today.

    It is you who needs to read a little outiside the Democratic talking points.

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