Greetings from Occupy McHenry County

A YouTube from outside Vaughan’s Family Restaurant Friday night where GOP State Rep. candidate hopeful Tonya Franklin was meeting and greeting Precinct Committeemen and volunteers before Saturday’s 9 AM meeting of the Republican Central Committee at Crystal Lake’s d’Andrea’s.

The mee3ting is open to the public and, who knows, there might be more anonymous street theater.

Can you identify this half-masked woman?


Greetings from Occupy McHenry County — 17 Comments

  1. It’s pretty callous and irresponsible to make such an accusation.

    It could just as likely be a Tonya stunt.

    Her profile picture is her with Andrew Brietbart – the Coppola of manufactured, factless, web videos.

  2. The man wearing the ladies wig was JUST walking in the Milk Days Parade with the Jank Franks crew and another Democrat who was behind Franks in the line up.

    I recognize the walk as soon as I saw this video.

    Older gentleman who was very loud when “greeting” the parade go-ers.

  3. No Allison I did not.

    Thank you for your concern.

    I saw your comments about what you perceived to be my lengthy criminal background.

    You must have felt very proud to uncover such dirt on someone like me.

    A good researcher should always check the photos though.

    One click and you would have seen it wasn’t me.

    Thank God you weren’t my judge and jury.

    I would be happy to train you to do better investigations if you would like.

    I am very experienced……no they don’t teach that in prison.

  4. As of the last Senate vote, “Chainsaw Jack” is still a sponsor of the Illinois 5% TV Tax legislation.

    It hasn’t made it to the House for a vote, but so far he’s “TV Tax Jack” too. He hasn’t removed his name from the bill.

  5. You folks sure do like name calling, huh?

    If we ever elect a name-calling position, you have my vote.

  6. Yeah, very experienced. You and the Donald. Crack investigative team. Look at the bright side, you can get back to the birther brigade now.

  7. Thank you, Tonya!

    Come see Still Kickin’ at the Sandbar on July first.

    Michelle will dedicate her song (“When Will I Be Loved”) to you if you are there.

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