An Email of Thanks to Tell Those who Boycotted the Saturday Special Meeting What Happened

Unlike the email from Mike Tryon sent twice before the Special Meeting to discourage attendance at the gathering called to select the two missing members of the 63rd State Rep. District Representative Committee, this email from GOP Executive Secretary Geri Davis reached my inbox:

In Secretary Glenda Miller's absence, Vice Chairman Mark Daniel called the roll. Chairman Mike Tryon stood by.

Thank you to all of you who called and left messages today asking what the outcome of the “special meeting” was this morning.

Geri Davis at a GOP Central Committee meeting in Johnsburg that did not muster a quorum.

The meeting was not held due to lack of a quorum, in fact, the numbers were not even close.Chairman Tryon and Vice Chairman Mark Daniel handled this situation professionally and respectfully.

They are to be commended for their patience.

While we appreciate the efforts of those who tried to promote Tonya Franklin as a Republican candidate to run against Rep. Jack Franks and we agree with the Republican principle that everyone has the constitutional right to run for public office, they still must follow the rules in addition to being qualified and experienced to take on the challenge.Ms. Franklin chose not to run in the Republican Primary for personal reasons.

Perhaps sometime in the future she will chose to pursue public office again, time will tell.

In the meantime, when you see Chairman Tryon and/or Vice Chairman Mark Daniel express your thanks for their tireless effort.


Davis, a Precinct Committeeman did not attend.

For a more extensive explanation of what happened, click here.


An Email of Thanks to Tell Those who Boycotted the Saturday Special Meeting What Happened — 12 Comments

  1. Is writing in an email that I rejected their offer to be a PC, when I clearly didn’t, classy or dishonest?

    Just wondering?

    Phone calls to my donors ranting for 10 minutes about me….classy?

    It’s a private club as Mike pointed out.

    I respect that and their decision when they abide by their own bylaws.

    I am done with the McHenry County Republican Party.

    I like public parties not private clubs.

    Good luck….anyone want to take a guess when their first official meeting will be other than the meeting we put together for them today.

    I hope they took notes.

    They get none of the credit for that besides Mark providing the musical entertainment when his cell phone started playing the theme from “The Godfather”.

    I had to feel just a bit sorry for them, but then I remembered their visits, phone calls, letters and emails to my friends trying to smear my name.

    I was honest with my friends and volunteers from the beginning because I never underestimate the tactics to which I know my opponents will stoop.

    A snake slithers in the grass…..and sometimes likes to leave immature comments like a drive-by, rather than call and ask me the truth…but hey maybe they didn’t have my number. lol

    Night night.

  2. Thank you again Tonya for stepping up and trying to run against Franks.

    Sharon Meroni did an outstanding job of putting together a well organized and informative meeting.

  3. Yup, Mike was classy and professional running out of the meeting when asked legitimate questions.

    I’ve run many Roberts Rules meetings, but never have had a member call to adjourn, then another 2nd it, when I was uncomfortable with a question … WOW.

    It was so obvious too.

  4. No mention of the “classy and professional” annonymous email sent to some PCs to not attend?

  5. melissa doesn’t have much room to be making statements about class or professionalism.

  6. Tonya, you have a long way to go to grow into a political role based upon this rant.

    You are angry, disappointed and hurt by this process.

    This is easily understood and excused.

    Unfortunately the “antics” of the McHenry County Republican Party were possible due to your lack of sophistication and participation earlier in the process.

    They were also not even a thousanth of what you would encounter in going up against Jack Franks.

    I will tell you what each of the women I know in politics would tell you…. “Toughen up buttercup and ALWAYS be classy.”

    An emotional rant like the above merely reveals the wisdom of the MCGOP leadership in not promoting you to a STATE SENATE race too early.

    You need seasoning.

    The State Senate is not for noobs.

    Run for school board.

    Participate in a campaign.

    Don’t just spout off like an angry teen who didn’t get her way.

    I wish you all the best and pray you take the lessons learned, make your peace and move forward with a great deal more decorum.

    I’ll be watching.

  7. Cal,
    The image of Geri Davis, looks like she’s praying.

    If not, she should be for the McHenry County Republican Party.

    It’s falling apart.

    The leadership is pitiful.

    There are only a few respectable committeemen remaining.

    Sure appears hopeless.

  8. It’s no wonder Tonya that you’re cranky, blogging at 3:26 a.m.

    ‘What I saw in the days preceding the Saturday meeting was S. Meroni, yourself and others patting yourselves on the back for how hard you’ve all been working.

    Puh-leeze, there are many many people who’ve worked harder in such a process and done so without expecting any medals. Your behavior, and your daughter’s total lack of respect, reinforces our confidence in the Central Committee’s decision that you are not yet ready to run for office.

    I doubt if you’d ever be ready for public service. After viewing your Facebook site, it is apparent that you are desperate for attention, photo ops to appear all over the map.

    I’m not impressed.

  9. Mike Tryon and Mark Daniels were a laugh on Saturday, like Laurel & Hardy.

    Too bad Geri Davis wasn’t there, she would bring more entertainment.

    The Republican Party is a laugh.

    As Mike Tryon stated at the Saturday meeting,

    “there has NOT been a quorum of committeeman in 6 years.”

    What does that comment insinuate:

    The McHenry Co. Party is a bunch of unprofessional cut-throats.

    And the laugh is on you.

  10. From what I can tell, there are two different thoughts about what our country is facing.

    One, is that we are at a crossroads of socialism, vs. free republic, and then, there are folks like, smellthecoffeeonthetea, who only are thinking about themselves and their own positions within the MCGOP.

    Your party-MCGOP is in disarray, our countries freedom is at stake, and all you can think to do, is post anonymous posts on Cal’s blog?

    To try and hurt a candidate that tried to run against a Dem, that you should have had a candidate or candidates, for back in July 2011?

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