Lake County Dems Go Where McHenry County GOP Fear to Tread

Round Lake Area News reports that the Lake County Democrats candidate for Circuit Clerk, Cynthia Pruim Haran, dropped out of the race.

Did that discourage the Democrats across the county line?

Tonya Franklin Saturday before she found out that there were so many committeemen absent that Republicans have handed the fall election to Democrat Jack Franks.


They nominated a new candidatenamed Rupam Davé and probably are still out circulating petitions to get her on the ballot.

How unlike the McHenry County Republican Party where I have been trying to convince party leaders since last July to find someone to run against “Chainsaw Jack” Franks.  (Actually, he didn’t earn that name until I discovered he had introduced a bill to allow Com Ed chop down every tree within 20 feet of an electric power line.)

The McHenry County GOP doesn’t care that it has no one challenging the top Democrat on the ballot.

As willing Franks’ opponent Tonya Franklin said after the Saturday Special Meeting,

“I’m not better than nothing now.

“No one’s running against Jack Franks.”

McHenry County Republicans act as if Democrat Jack Franks is wrapped in a "Don't Tread on Me" flag. This one was part of a Tea Party demonstration on Randall Road prior to the 2010 election when State Senator Randy Hultgren took out Democrat Bill Foster.


Lake County Dems Go Where McHenry County GOP Fear to Tread — 3 Comments

  1. Didn’t she realize she had all of the Mchenry democrats against her?

    There is no republican party in Mchenry county.

  2. Actually there was no need to circulate petitions because Haran won the primary (non-contested) and Da ve was merely appointed by the Lake County Democratic Central Committee.

    Maybe candidates in McHenry County will get more creds when they drop the whole little girl Tea Party nonsense.

  3. How lazy can the McHenry GOP be?

    I’m sure they are quick and snappy when it comes to cash in their checks from us though!!

    We seriously need people that are not politicians with backroom deals.

    All these idiots need to go and we need term limits!

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