Nasty Trees Take Out Coventry Power Near McHenry Avenue

Got this from the Crystal Lake Police:

“A power outage has occurred in the area of Dartmoor and McHenry due to downed trees.

“Comed is on scene working to address the problem as we speak. They estimate power restoration at approximately 10:00am.”

One might observe that there is no wind.

And ComEd found out about the outage without the so-called “smart meters” for which we will all start paying $3 more a month in January.

Voting for the ComEd rate increase bill were Pam Althoff (Senate Roll Call), Mike Tryon and so-called “populist” Jack Franks (House Roll Call).

Relevant Tweets:

"Populist" Jack Franks decided to vote for the monopoly Com Ed rate hike bill.

If only “Chainsaw Jack” Franks had passed his bill to allow Com Ed to chop down every tree within 20 feet of an electric line.


Nasty Trees Take Out Coventry Power Near McHenry Avenue — 1 Comment

  1. Chainsaw Jack was missing at this tree chopping massacre.

    Maybe Chainsaw Jack was busy “Hitching s Ride” with Pam Althoff.

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