Teapot Boiling in Wisconsin, 63rd District Fire Doused with Kool-Aid in McHenry County

Mary Alger, who designed this GOP Tea Party logo, was at the McHenry County Republican Central Committee meeting last Saturday in support of Tonya Franklin's candidacy.

There must be a dam at the Illinois-Wisconsin border.

The water from Wisconsin’s boiling tea kettle didn’t spill over the state border last Saturday when the McHenry County Republican Party decided no candidate against Jack Franks was better than Tea Party activist Tonya Franklin.

I can’t help but note what Illinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady had to say about Wisconsin Scott Walker’s victory–the only Governor in U.S. history to survive a recall election:

“I enjoyed seeing all of the energy from Illinois Republicans over the past few weeks for Scott Walker and I know that energy will carry over to the Illinois Republican State Convention this weekend and to our elections this fall.

“I look forward to personally congratulating (Republican National Committee Chairman) Reince Priebus on Friday in Tinley Park for all his work in ensuring victory tonight.”

The abdication of the 63rd District seat to 7-time Mike Madigan supporter “Chainsaw Jack” Franks was three days before our state party leader’s praised that same energy.

Some may find some irony in the flat out rejection of the offer to take on a McHenry County GOP Establishment-predicted suicide run from a woman who had the energy to campaign in Wisconsin.

Not to mention for a month volunteering in Florida four years ago helping John McCain try to win the state on her own dime.

Ironically, McHenry County GOP Chairman seems more interested in not losing McHenry County to Barack Obama in 2012 as he did in 2008, than having a chance to beat Democratic Party State Rep. Jack Franks.  (From email discouraging Precinct Committeemen from attending the Special Meeting Saturday at which a crucial step could have been taken that could have led to a Republican opponent to Jack Franks being on the ballot: “We are committed to help elect our Congressmen, our State Senators and Representatives, our County Board candidates and most of all, electing a Republican President.”  Emphasis added.)

On the CNN fall election may last night while the analyst was debating on whether to change the color in Wisconsin from solid blue to pale blue, I noticed Illinois was the brightest of blues.

National commentators don’t share Tryon’s belief that Mitt Romney can carry Illinois this fall.

Carrying McHenry County will, at best, give bragging rights to local Republicans, while beating Jack Franks could make a difference in who controls the Illinois House.

A slim possibility, I will admit, but still a possibility, given what happened north of us.

Above the state line, Tea Party activists–even from Illinois–have been embraced by Republican leadership, including the Chairman of the National Republican Party Reince Priebus: “Thank God for the Tea Party.”

“We’re not in competition with the Conservative Movement. We’re just part of it,” Priebus said in an interview on Breitbart. “We need to have a party about addition and multiplication, not division and subtraction.”

Priebus, a Wisconsin resident, said,

Tea or Kool-Aid in the 63rd. Which did you prefer?

“Courage is on the ballot in Wisconsin.

“We need more people to run for office and govern like they campaigned.”

Can’t help but wonder how he would react to the McHenry County Republican Party’s defeatist attitude.

And, arguably, the Party Leadership’s policy of, how did the National Chairman put it?

“Division and subtraction.”

Kool-Aid in the 63rd District better than Tea?

A perspective from the Left (“The Political Environment, Progressive reporting from Wisconsin and the region. Scott Walker Recall Updated Frequently.”) on the Wisconsin election points out:

“But Walker got to spend and benefit from $35-$50 million, and an advantage over Barrett by something like 7:1 this time, so where’s Walker’s growth? Yes, he won, but not in a landslide.”

We Ask America had the race at 54-44-4, the 4 being undecided, but warned that differential turnout was what the contest was all about.

Wisconsin election results, almost final, from Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

I was listening to Milwaukee’s WTMJ coming home from a sleep apnea study this morning at Centegra’s Algonquin outpost and heard that no poll had predicted a Walker victory.

I guess, as with the mainstream media’s missing We Ask American’s poll on the Joe Walsh-Melissa Bean 2010 election, the commentator just didn’t look closely enough at this Illinois emerging source of information.

A McCormick Foundation analyst was interviewed.

Commenting on the effect the victory would have nationally, he said, “The political dynamic is certainly different.”

"You can't win the race, if you're not in the pool," as the swim coaches say. The McHenry County Republicans have forfeited the 63rd State Rep. contest.

But, as the swim coaches say,

“You can win the race, if you’re not in the pool.”

And, no one in the McHenry County Republican Party leadership will be wearing this sweatshirt at this weekend’s GOP State Convention in Tinley Park:

"Whatever it takes" may be the motto of one swim team, but it doesn't fit the McHenry County Republican Party.

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