NW Herald Decries Lack of Electoral Competition

Jack Franks is happy he has not opposition.

In its editorial Thursday, The Northwest Herald is not happy with the number of candidates running unopposed.

“…a sad commentary on the state of our democracy,” the editorial concludes.

Nice to be in agreement.

Commenting on the most obvious omission, the McHenry County Republican Party’s refusal to give Tea Party-inspired Tonya Franklin a chance, the editorial reads,

“The GOP failed to field a candidate to oppose Democrat Jack Franks in Illinois’ 63rd House District despite an unsuccesful attempt by tea party Republicans to caucus in Tonya Franklin.”


NW Herald Decries Lack of Electoral Competition — 8 Comments

  1. The media is THE REASON no one runs for office any more.

    They know this is the reason people don’t run; this article is just posturing….feigning disappointment.

    They love to attack politicians.

    Media: they are politicians without the guts to get in the ring.

    Sports media are no different.

    hey love to dish it out, but they cower the moment they are questioned.

    This article is an absolute joke….and it comes from the editorial board !!!

  2. True. Not everyone has the moral fortitude required to be a politician.


  3. How is Republicans vs. Democrats competition?

    They’re both slightly different wings of the more tax more nannying big government party.

    Who in the IL general assembly is calling for *smaller* government?

  4. If Jack Franks is genuine in his desire to reign in government all he has to do is vote against Mike Madigan as Speaker.

    This would be the most important vote he cast his whole career and would move Illinois government the furthest toward reform.

  5. @Priest: You are a hack to think Jack would ever vote his OWN PARTY out of SOH.

    That’s like asking Joe Walsh to vote against Speaker Boehner.

    Even though they don’t see eye to eye on many issues, the alternative of NOT voting JB as speaker would be detrimental to Walsh’s legislative career.

    Not that his career isn’t already over.

    Speaking of dead legislative careers….. @Cal: Tonya is a Tea Party yokel two sandwiches short of a picnic basket and hardly an electable candidate.

    You know that… or are you just playing ignorant and trying to up traffic on this laughably, poorly designed mess of a website guised under a blog as an excuse for your excessive use of passive voice, typos and constant reuse of unoriginal “Attack Jack” nicknames only famous in your dwindling political circle.

    This should really be titled, “Cal Junior’s Silver Spooner Blog – Making no headlines since ’99.”

  6. Really this has nothing to do with Jack Franks.

    Illinois rules for doing things have always been stupid.

    Something bad happens and they write a rule.

    Illinois law appears to have been written by special needs children.

    Of course both parties and several powerful people have taken this “special needs” legislative system and worked it to their great profit (Slow Clap), while most of the population had neither the time nor the interest in changing it.

    So in Illinois you have

    Toll roads
    Super High Property Taxes
    Rules to prevent someone from getting on a ballot (nice frozen primaries)
    Gun control that violates the Constitution
    Administrative Laws where governments simply can’t lose, unless they want to

    It really is a silly backwards state … so cute, too.

  7. In the past Herald reporters have played their own politics with candidates that tried to get on the ballot, or who did get on then then got savaged by Herald reporters for their own reasons.

    Now they’ve got the candidates they put in office, so their whining now is a little hollow.

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