After Intimidating the McHenry County GOP, Franks Runs Up the “Jolly Jack”

With no Republican Party oppoenentf for the third time in four elections, Jack Franks has good reason to fly his "Jolly Jack" flag.

Can’t be called the “Jolly Roger.”

The wily Democrat from Marengo has outfoxed the McHenry County Republican Party headed by colleague State Rep. Mike Tryon.

No opponent for the third time in four races.

All he had to do was run up his “Jolly Jack” flag and, at the behest of Admiral Tryon, the Republican armada sailed as quickly as possible back into ist safe harbor.

Didn’t even tale a storm to defeat this Republican armada.


After Intimidating the McHenry County GOP, Franks Runs Up the “Jolly Jack” — 8 Comments

  1. Your endless vendetta is getting old, Cal. This post is barely coherent and includes no news whatsoever. Comon, you’re better than this.

  2. I’m forecasting the tides are turning and a storm is coming for all incumbents in Mchenry county.

  3. Too late for this one, weatherman.

    No way to remove him if he is unopposed!

  4. @Cindy – If somebody who DID NOT vote in the primary (or pulled an “independent” ballot) wanted to mount an Independent run…

  5. Cal….Chainsaw Jack will never live that name down. 0

    Thanks for exposing this disgraceful character. 0


  6. Who will be the first to call Jack Franks the Governor of Illinois?

  7. This guy Reality Check is a low life out-of-stater and progressive who for some reason reads the McHenry County Blog.

    He spends his days and nights around the Internet spewing hateful messages about anyone who dares to question his king Obama

    As I said, he is a low lifer from the east coast.

    Why he cares about McHenry County is a story no one but a few haters care about.

    Reality Check if you want to play here, reveal your real name – Otherwise go east, hater

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