A Huntley High School Grad’s Complaint

Huntley High School

Sitting in a doctor’s office, I picked up the Monday Northwest Herald and read the profile of Michael Gyetvan.

Reporter Di Benedetto selected Gyetvan because of the extraordinary number of hours of college credit he has earned since graduating from Huntley High School.

What caught my attention, however, was that he was considered a troublemaker in high school.

Read why:

Di Benedetto: Did you get in trouble while in high school? Where did that label come from?

Gyetvan: I actually went to the library, and they didn’t allow that. That was the best way for me to study, and they won’t let you go during an advisory period. I kept going, and they kept calling my parents, so they were actually distracting me from learning and studying. I wanted to show them that I was not the problem.

This reminds me of a first impression when I got to Oberlin College in the fall of 1960.

I realized students really wanted to learn.

How different from Crystal Lake Community High School, I thought.


A Huntley High School Grad’s Complaint — 5 Comments

  1. Why not focus on getting A’s in all your classes instead of just muddling through with C-‘s.

    Life isn’t a race to see who can get there the fastest.

    Quality over quantity.

  2. Sounds to me like he did some serious maturing since his high school days.

  3. Cindy, try learning the history of the county.

    Read some historical markers.

  4. I went to Huntley High School with Mike.

    The school was the problem, not him.

    I personally had to waste 1 hour a day in the, “advisory” period of study hall when I could have been learning.

    I had to take summer school at MCC so I could graduate early and start my degree.

    Thanks for not helping anyone or anything, “Change isn’t happening.”

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