Linda Moore Says Trustees “Bankrupting Grafton Township”

A press release from Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore:

Trustees Bankrupting Grafton Township with Budget Plan

Linda Moore

Over $500,000 was spent by Trustees Zirk, Murphy and LaPorta on the failed effort to build a new town hall before I was sworn into office.

Now these same folks are planning to budget an additional $200,000 to feed their addiction to legal fees.

This will cause the township to have a deficit budget.

Two hundred thousand dollars equals about 20% of our town revenue for the year.

Despite having already spent nearly $350,000 in legal fees they propose to add $200,000 to the current budget for future legal fees.

By the end of this year, the Trustees will have spent over half a million dollars of taxpayer money on legal fees.

Combined with the failed attempt to build a new Town Hall, the Trustees have squandered over a million dollars from the Township.

The Trustees continue to use Township dollars without regard to the benefit to its citizens, even after a court ruled against them. Because of this, the Trustees face a possible contempt finding.

To resolve this, they propose to spend more fees with the same lawyers.

These same lawyers charged fees that were 700% higher than those charged by the successful attorney hired by Linda Moore, Grafton Township Supervisor.

Now the situation is dire.

If the budget passes as proposed, the Township might be bankrupt and not be able to pay its bills by the end of the fiscal year.

Government should not plan to spend more money than we take in.

The Town Board will consider this budget proposal on June 14, 2012.

A copy of the draft budget is enclosed for your review.

Please contact the township office 1-847-669-3328 if you have any questions.


Linda Moore Says Trustees “Bankrupting Grafton Township” — 15 Comments

  1. If the township goes bankrupt does that mean we can shut it down?

    This could actually work to our benefit.

    In all seriousness, I think these articles are a little one sided.

    Linda is as much to blame as the trustees.

    They are all grown adults acting like children, running to “Judge Mommy” to resolve their conflicts.

  2. Plain and simple… If Linda didn’t sue the trustees, the trustees wouldn’t have to spend money defending themselves.

    Cause and effect.

    By her logic, Linda should not spend any money on lawyers fees for the suits brought against her by the Township Assessor and the Township Road Commissioner.

  3. How many Grafton Township electors will show up at the circus on Thursday night? &;30PM at the Huntley Park District.

    Get your tickets right here, folks. Free admission, folks.

    Step through the curtain for the Greatest Show in McHenry County, folks.

    See your money disappear right before your very eyes, folks.

    No waiting.

    Step right in, folks. And be nice, folks.

    Be sure to introduce yourself to the Huntley Police officer.

    You should only wish that he was there to protect you from the trustees, but he’s not.

    With three votes, they are going to do it to you.

    You might not even feel the ol’ knife sliding in right between your ribs.

    After the meeting, you can ask the officer why he didn’t protect you.

  4. If the township is bankrupt, will Linda Moore continue her entitlement to the $65,000 salary plus benefits?

    Will her credit card bills still get paid?

    Is it too late to return the camcorder and sound machine and get the $3500 back?

  5. Yep, it’s the trustee’s fault.
    Linda just wants to help people.
    Linda is an incarnation of Mother Teresa.
    Any inkling of why she is known as “Lawsuit Linda?”
    Linda spends more time driving up and down Rt. 47, going to the courthouse filing lawsuits than she does in the offices of Grafton Township.
    Linda is the reason for the HUGE legal fees in Grafton.
    Linda is good at two things. Being naturally mean to people and rewriting history (fiction).
    Her two biggest supporters – Cal and Gus, who don’t live in Grafton.

  6. The snakes are out………Beware!!!

    The venom is incurable!

  7. It is stupid for Grafton Township to continue to waste taxpayers money.

    Will they stop?

    Not unless someone is brave enough to withstand unwarranted and nonfactual attacks (such as are in these comments)

    I thank citizens like Linda who stand up against wasteful spending.

    This is a time in our culture where we decide – Big Government gets waaaaay bigger, or we slay the evil and return governance to what it’s job is; to protect and serve.

    Not spend spend spend… Buy new facilities add more debt… more more more – enslave the taxpayer to more of the same.

    Illinois has nasty politicians in both the Democrat and Republican Party.

    I celebrate Linda for standing up to the trend to spend.

    We need more citizens like you to step up.

  8. Hmm; Cause-Effect.

    The Trustees increased the Legal Fee only after they were told by Moore in June of the new lawsuit she and her attorney were bringing against the Trustees.

    And since this lawsuit includes requests to put all Trustees in prison, it will require significantly higher amount of legal fees to defend.


    Moore can introduce new lawsuits against Trustees in June but Trustees should not increase legal fees to cover?

    Guess that works with Accounting Law by Moore.

    And all the Moore supporters continue to fund her campaign.

    Can’t wait to see the supporters reactions when authorities outside of McHenry County begin their investigation.

  9. “I thank citizens like Linda who stand up against wasteful spending.” 🙂

    You obviously don’t follow accurate coverage of Linda’s time in office. One can’t rely on what Linda writes for Cal to post as “accurate and true.”

    Linda’s press releases are purely fiction and far from truthful.

    The First Electric Newspaper presents unbiased reporting of area news.

    Have a look see.

    The budget increase for legal fees are the direct result of Lawsuit Linda doing what she does . . . filing lawsuits.

    If Linda was out of the equation there would be no need for the increase. If one can’t fathom that, track backwards looking at cause and effect.

    Look to the McH Cty Clerk to see numerous court cases involving Linda that have nothing to do with local government.

    There is common denominator and a method to the madness.

    If you think Linda is a tax saver watch what happens in the next election when Linda will not be re-elected.

  10. VAIRT: too bad organizations like your don’t do research before posting such tripe.

    Your post shows that such blind and unmerited “support” is strictly based on what Moore spews in her press releases.

    Obviously you are not aware that she has systematically eliminated virtually all spending oversight and designed checks and balances that all levels of government should and do have.

    Her FOIA’d credit card statements show totals that are 8x greater than anyone else with a Grafton credit card – and without a paper trail.

    Legally required Township audits are incomplete as no one is permitted to ask the auditor about findings.

    I hope you weren’t championing that horse trader in Dixon, because your ignorant postings are backing the wrong horse here.

    In one glorious post, you’ve managed to seriously undermine your organization’s credibility.

    Dig beyond the headlines if your group has any shred of integrity and honest desire for good government.

  11. And, VAIRT, Derrick Smith is looking for your support as well.

  12. “I thank citizens like Linda who stand up against wasteful spending.”

    Linda could help a lot more to stop spending if she stopped suing people and started compromising.

    Acting like a small child running to Mama (Judge Caldwell)when she doesn’t like what people say does not help save money.

    Paying the bills she chooses, purchasing what she chooses, and avoiding paying bills she chooses has led to the majority of the lawsuits and legal fees.

  13. If she is so good at keeping costs down, why is her campaign war chest in the red by over nine thousand dollars?

    Why isnt your organization listed as a donor?

    Why spend such big bucks on a job that pays only $60,000?

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