Message of the Day – A Sign

Today’s message is there for all to see at Lowe Excavating between Cary and Crystal Lake.

Marshall Lowe posts messages on his sign. Today, it reads, "Illinois Problems Solved. Annex to Wisconsin."

Marshall Lowe’s message board reads,

Illinois Problems
Annex to Wisconsin.

I would suggest the bushes be trimmed so the whole message can be read before one is upon the sign location.


Message of the Day – A Sign — 12 Comments

  1. Not a bad idea. It goes along with the rumor of District 6, McHenry County, secede

    FROM McHenry County West of route 47. The new county shall be named “HARSH.”

    Meetings have been held.

  2. Love it!

    I hate being a collar county and giving money to Chicago (RTA portion of our sales tax).

  3. At one time McHenry County was in Wisconsin.

    It was placed in Illinois in order to have the straight line across the top of the state.

    Just an FYI

  4. McHenry County never truly was in Wisconsin.

    The original proposal in the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 was to draw the northern boundary of the third state to be cut from it (what is now Illinois) at the southern tip of Lake Michigan. It was moved to its present location with Illinois’ statehood in 1818, for several reasons.

    (Had it not been moved, not only McHenry County, but also the entire Chicago metro area and Rockford would have ended up in Wisconsin.)

    Believe it or not, in the decades before the Civil War there was a movement in northern counties to be reattached to Wisconsin. The reason being – brace yourselves – that they were sick of being politically dominated by downstate.

    What a difference 200 years makes, huh?

  5. I believe the original Northern Border WAS a straight line- drawn about 50 miles south of where it is now. It was bumped north so as to include Chicago and give Illinois Lake Michigan ports.

  6. Joe, you’re correct. Indiana did the same thing – its border upon reaching statehood in 1816 (two years before Illinois) was bumped north so the state could get access to the lake.

    Illinois’ northern border may have gone through some drafts during the state application process, but it was admitted to the Union in 1818 with the boundary we know today.

    To again be clear, McHenry County was never part of Wisconsin.

    The Wisconsin Territory – made up of modern-day Wisconsin and eastern Minnesota – didn’t exist until Illinois became a state.

    In fact, to be technical, Wisconsin was part of the Illinois Territory, not the other way around.

  7. FYI? That was a very mean answer!

    I am an elderly housebound person.

    Thanks a lot for your snarky answer.

    You make me sick.

  8. You made my day, Kevin.

    Thanks for the laugh out loud remark.

    It gave me new strength to believe that there are some good still out there.

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