Every Democrat is a Vote for Mike Madigan for Speaker

That’s what I heard Illinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady say on WBBM radio the Monday after the State Convention in Tinley Park.

I went searching for the exact words on Chicago News 780, but couldn’t find it.

Even so, that message is consistent that given last Saturday by Brady. See “Auditioning at the State Convention to be Illinois’ Scott Walker.”

Brady pointed out that 5,000 more votes placed strategically in districts Republican House members barely lost would have flipped control of the Illinois House to the GOP.

Instead of Mike Madigan’s being House Speaker for the umpty-umpth time, Tom Cross would have presumably have been elected.

Cross is six seats short and surely has targeted them in 2014.

Madigan, of course, knows this and knows that he might lose some.

Reports that his people are helping Dee Beaubien gather signatures for her announced Independent candidacy surfaced on Jon Zahm’s “Dee Beaubien is too Liberal for the 52nd District. Don’t elect Dee Liberal” blog.

In an article entitled, “Dee Beaubien- Auditioning for Madigan’s Caucus,” Zahm reports the Madigan assistance.

Obviously still disturbing me is the McHenry County Republican Party’s deliberate abdication of its responsibility to field a candidate against Democrat Jack Franks.

The McHenry County Republican Party has foregone the long shot opportunity to provide another vote for Tom Cross in his effort to unseat Democrat Mike Madigan.

Three times out of the last four elections.

The 63rd District is a Republican district for all candidates except Jack Franks.

He has worked is assiduously, co-opting many Republicans.

In fact, he makes it a practice to call any new Republican face to make “nice-nice.”

Franks has numerous Republicans on the “Host Committee” of his McHenry County (as opposed to Chicago).

However slim the odds might be to take out Franks, however, having a Republican candidate on the fall ballot is better than putting up no one.

Two Republican County Chairman in a row–Bill LeFew and Mike Tryon–have adopted the same white flag approach.

One even attended a Jack Franks’ fund raiser!

When asked if he wanted to say a few words, took the opportunity to say some nice things about Franks.

Perhaps my idea of what a party is supposed to do is skewed.

Maybe the Chicago Tribune’s John Kass has it right when he writes of “The Combine,” a bi-partisan group of politicians and their supporters who cooperate in order to enrich themselves.

I had thought Kass limited his labeling to the Party in Chicago, Cook County and Illinois.

To the best of my knowledge, Kass has never applied the concept to McHenry County politics.

But, then again, he has never written an article about McHenry County political arena.


Every Democrat is a Vote for Mike Madigan for Speaker — 10 Comments

  1. What a shame that cooperation between the parties gets such a bad rap from you Cal.

    Calling new office holders from the other party isn’t just “making nice” it IS nice.

    I wish everyone did it.

    If we could all hold in our minds that even our political “enemies” are human beings maybe we could have reasoned discussions on the issues and work out solutions that are mutually agreeable.

    At the very least, it might cut down on the nasty name-calling that seems to pass for political thought these days.

  2. Joe is spot on.

    WOW has your healthy taxpayer-backed retirement made you callous, Cal.

    Only in your hyper-partisan, tunnel vision is opposite parties working together some sort of coup.

    This post articulates why normal folks hate politics.

  3. Joe and Reality: What a bunch of Franks-Sycophants !!!!

    Franks’ talking points.

    What are you guys hirelings?

    What wussies!!

    If you think for a moment that loser liberal-Democrat Franks is anything but a phony politician, you are sorely mistaken.

    You too are hired to do his bidding; the rest of the Repubs reading this, if you believe what these two lemings tell you, you live in “la-la land”.

    Jack Franks is a perfect example of what Politicians SHOULDN’T BE.

    Guy’s like Franks are self serving bastards stealing from the very dolts who support him. What a sham.

  4. I am not a Franks supporter (never voted for the man actually) and Skeptic there made the case against this type of mindset perfectly-

    Nothing but rage and hatred.

    This country cannot move forward with this kind of divisiveness and anger.

    Republican or Democrat we have to learn to get along and get things done.

  5. Joe, spare us, please.

    When the Tea Party protests in DC, the press and liberal like Joe are offended by “spittle” from a single Tea Party member. News is made saying conservatives are “uncivil”.

    When liberals descend upon the Wisconsin Capital and deface the building, or protest in NY the libs congregate and they defecate on a police car, where terrible offenses against conservative take place, people like Joe look the other way, praising “free speech.”

    But the moment a legitimate political criticism is leveled against a liberal, the Joe’s of the world demand “civility”.

    Again, spare us the self-righteous indignation, Joe.

  6. Mike Tryon Voted for Speaker Madigan you goon is a vote for a Republican a vote for Madigan as well Cal?

  7. I didn’t realize I was using anyone’s talking points. Feel free to cite your source. I won’t hold my breath..

  8. Skeptic, what the heck are you even talking about?

    Try and stay on topic.

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