Sheriff’s Web Site Massively Improved

The McHenry County Sheriff’s Office and the County’s IT Department deserve a hefty “at-a-boy” for the web site update.

Sheriff Keith Nygren and Undersheriff Andrew Zinke are featured on the masthead of the opening web page.

For the first time, people can find who is incarcerated without making a phone call.

McHenry County Blog wrote about how behind the times McHenry County was in this respect in May of 2010.

Then, I found Lake, Kane, DuPage, Cook, and Winnebago Counties had internet inmate search functions.

I filed the following Freedom of Information request:

“Most of the large counties in Illinois have an Inmate Search function.  Under the Freedom of Information Act, I request any documents that exist concerning McHenry County’s developing such a service to the public.”

Here’s the answer I got:

“The McHenry County Sheriff’s Corrections Division does not have any documents concerning the development of this service.”

With the exception of Federal prisoners and those considered juveniles, photos and charges for McHenry County Jail inmates can now be found over the internet.

On Thursday, they ranged from

  • Jose Aguilar, jailed for aggregated robbery, to
  • Matthew S. Zeis, behind bars for DUI/BAC and criminal damage to property.

Court dates and courtrooms are given.

Bond is given.

For some, the message, “SUBJECT MAY HAVE A HOLD FOR ANOTHER AGENCY,” appears.

I see that for Ramundo Vazquez, for instance.

It’s really a fountain of integrated information.

Information about those recently released is also on the web site.

Information about those on for whom ICE pays the county $85 a day is not similarly available.

All that exists is a link to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement web site.

It seems to me that one pretty much has to know what one is looking for to be able to find it.

This was rolled out two years ago.

The information provided on McHenry County prisoners is so, so much more useful.


Sheriff’s Web Site Massively Improved — 11 Comments

  1. Sounds like an Extreme Makeover; too little, too late. one more domino in the chain.

  2. I appreciate the county’s effort in this regard.

    However, I cringe at the tacit endorsement of Zinke as Boss Hogg’s successor.

    Other than Joe Biden, how many number two guys in any organization are featured as prominently as the number one?

    I’m not saying, I’m just saying.

  3. Joe Biden is featured as prominently as President Obama?

    On what planet?

  4. Paul Greenlee, you are exactly right!

    The sheriff’s newly-redesigned website homepage is a blatant political tool and is an attempt to raise Zinke’s profile in the minds of the voters and public.

    Zinke’s mugshot and white shirt belong inside the website somewhere and only if other deputies are shown.

    Not only command personnel, but rank-and-file.

    But they aren’t running for sheriff in November 2014 or expecting to be appointed by the County Board, when Nygren bails out after July 2012.

    Thanks for hitting the nail on the head.

    When you do think that picture of Nygren with the FIVE-point badge was taken?

  5. So the Sheriff’s Dept. improve their website and get a hats of from you Cal, but Jack Franks does a banner update and suddenly this means that because President Obama is not in the cycling banner pictures anymore it must equal a Democratic Party conspiracy.

    Very nice Junior.

  6. Oh, so now you change the article from users’ comments on this sham blog to the new conspiracy: McHenry County is not adequately reporting FOIA requests.

    Gee you are a goofy soul Skinner.

  7. Really? here is a thought for you.

    Go read somewhere else if you are so offended. Jeez.

    Start your own blog.

    Opposing voices are good, but say something of substance.

    I don’t agree with everything on here that is posted, either by Cal or other posters. But to name call…grow up. Oh and have the courage to use your own name.

    My point is this: the new county page, with all its excellent features (and they are, I mean that sincerely) still looks like a campaign page, like Nygren has a running mate or something (the analogy I made that offended Joe so severely, though I admit I could have phrased it better).

    How many other governmental pages have pictures at the top with the second, third, etc. in command pictured next to the boss? If you cannot offer something positive or respectful (yes, I know I am a meanie critic of politicians but they are public figures abusing our county), take the vitriol somewhere else. But Cal doesn’t need me to hold his coat on this one.

  8. Paul Greenlee- I’ve read your comment a few times and I am sure it is unintentional but it sure sounds like you are saying that opposing voices are good unless they disagree with you then they should go somewhere else?

    As far as courage to use your own name, that would be all and good if many local bloggers and commenters would keep families out of the game.

    I do commend you for using yours.

    However, in the ugly local atmosphere some foment, I for one have chosen not to expose my children and spouse to some of the vicious personal attacks on family that far too many implicitly endorse.

    I suspect many others feel the same way.

    Politics have got so ugly that sometimes the privacy of a voting booth and anonymity of being online is the only safe way for the silent majority to be heard above the din of bullies.

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