Judge Meyer Suggests Caldwell Take Sanctions Motion Back to County Board

Zane Seipler

Although McHenry County Board Chairman Ken Koehler seems to have made the decision on his own to seek sanctions against Zane Seipler and his attorney Blake Horwitz for seeking a Special Prosecutor to probe whether Sheriff Keith Nygren used tax dollars to promote his campaign, others on the Board might have some input as to whether to continue the case.

There was precious little time spent in Judge Thomas Meyer’s courtroom Monday.

Special Assistant State’s Attorney Bill Caldwell appeared on behalf of the County.

Blake Horwitz

“My request is that you deny the motion,” Horwitz said. (The motion can be read here.)

“I’m going to pass. We’ll come back to it,” was the only comment I heard from Judge Meyer the first time around.

Horwitz and Caldwell went outside.

Maybe a half an hour later the two attorney’s against approached the bench with what appeared to be an agreed motion.

Explaining it, Caldwell said, “[It was Judge Meyer’s] suggestion that I’m going to take it to the County.”

The First Electric Newspaper’s Pete Gonigam, the one who discovered that Koehler authorized the sanctions motion, asked if Caldwell were going to talk to Koehler.

“I’m going to talk to a bunch of people,” he replied.

Horwitz summarized what he told the Judge:

“The motion does not have merit. I’d like the court to dismiss it on its face.”

He added that Judge Meyer said, “You don’t need to file a response. We’ll be back here in two weeks.

He was referring to July 10th.

In the courtroom was Sheriff’s Deputy Zane Seipler, who ran against Nygren for the GOP nomination for Sheriff two years ago. The suit seeking a special prosecutor was filed shortly before the February primary election.

Judge Meyer refused to approve a Special Prosecutor. (See “Sheriff Keith Nygren Off the Special Prosecutor Hook, State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi Given Permission to Fish.”

Monday was one of his days off from working the night shift patrol.


Judge Meyer Suggests Caldwell Take Sanctions Motion Back to County Board — 3 Comments

  1. This was just to give Ken K. some press saying he is trying to get money for the taxpayers.

    Getting Nygren investigated and digging up the hundreds of thousands of dollars he abused (not just a star), stopping him and making him accountable, would be what saves the taxpayers money.

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