1% Opt-Out from Lakewood’s Bulk Electricity Buying Plan

The new entrance sign to the Village of Lakewood.

Sixteen homeowners opted out of the Village of Lakewood’s plan to purchase electricity from Direct Energy at a substantial savings over what Commonwealth Edison charges.

46% less, in fact.

That will not be a reduction in the entire bill.

All will still have to pay Com Ed’s delivery charge, which, thanks to Representatives Jack Franks and Mike Tryon, plus Senator Pam Althoff, will go up $3 a month starting in January.

Villagers voted in a higher percentage for the bulk buying idea than in any other municipality in McHenry County.


1% Opt-Out from Lakewood’s Bulk Electricity Buying Plan — 1 Comment

  1. Received my first bill with the new rate. My bill was lower than the previous month even though usage was higher. The Bulk Buying plan worked well in my case. Kudos to the voters in Lakewood.

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