Appointed Dorr Township GOP Committeemen Removed, Replaced

I’ve written previously that McHenry County Board member Donna Kurtz was appointed March 29th as a precinct committeeman in Algonquin Township Precinct 20. (She lives in Crystal Lake Mayor Aaron Shepley’s precinct. Algonquin 10.)

That was before Central Committee Chairman Mike Tryon won re-election to the post.

On May 15th, after Kurtz was the main speaker at the candidacy kick-off for Independent State Rep. candidate Dee Beaubien, she was removed from the appointed committeeman post. No replacement was named for the precinct whose houses are roughly between the Crystal Lake Plaza and Crystal Lake Central.

Today I noticed some similar activity in Dorr Township.

When I last dipped into the condition of its Central Committee, I noted that there were four precinct committeemen from McHenry County Board member Tina Hill’s address.

That struck me as a sign of weakness in the GOP in the Woodstock area.

Dorr Township Precincts.

Bjorn GE Mattson has replaced Casey Hill in Dorr 4.

And, Alan Hill has been replaced by newly-appointed Regional Superintendent of Education LeslieĀ Schermerhorn in Dorr 6.

One almost needs a score card to keep track of the substitutions.

Dorr 3 is still vacant, so there’s still a place for a volunteer.

And, I’m sure the other precinct committeemen would welcome help.

Dorr Township Republican Precinct Committeemen as of June 20, 2012.


Appointed Dorr Township GOP Committeemen Removed, Replaced — 17 Comments

  1. As a life-long Republican (except for my Green Party candidacy for Sheriff in 2010) I emailed Mike Tryon a week ago and volunteered to be a Republican precinct committeeman, hoping for appointment near my Dorr Township residence.

    I too was aware that the Hills held four precinct posts.

    I look forward to hearing from Mike soon. Does the Central Committee appoint or is the Chairman’s sole authority?

  2. Gus

    why didn’t you run for Republican Precinct Committeemen in your precinct?

  3. Gus
    You will not hear from Mike on this issue because Dorr is 100% full with Precinct Comitteemen. Great job Chairman John Jung and V.P Tina Hill.
    Early bird gets the worm.

  4. If a committeewoman can be removed for making a speech for an independent candidate I can’t imagine they’d accept one who RAN on a different party ticket- would they ?

  5. To Brent Smith FYI

    When Gus emailed Tryon a week ago, the vacancies/ changes were not done until June 20.

    The Hill family were used to hastily fill the vacancies to increase the number of committeeman to up the percentage to call the special June 2 meeting.

    Looks like precinct 3 is still open.

  6. What a Laugh

    #1 let Gus speak for himself he is a big boy. #2 Ever heard of chain of command? Going to Mike is not the START of the chain of command of getting appointed as a Precinct Committeemen.

  7. Instead of Republicans going on their knees to Tryon begging for little handouts, Republicans should be calling for the resignation of that sleaze Mike Tryon.

    What person with any honor would serve under a guy who is just a puppet for Democrat Jack Franks?

    Go rent a spine if you have to McHenry Co. Republicans.

    You’re embarrassing!

  8. well done says

    Trust me i don’t go my knees to Mike, he is not a sleaze, just like i said above there is a chain of command to go by.

    i asume you still upset that Republican party did nothing with Tonya? Not only i have a spine i have balls.

    I am a Republican.

    Answer me this question WHY didn’t Tonya run in the primary for State Rep? Lets start there.

    This is fun.

    Make this better put your full name when you make a quote IF YOU HAVE A SPINE

  9. Mike Tryon is a “sleaze”.
    He’s been castrated years ago.
    He’s a “Yes” man.
    He’s a “Rhino”.
    He’s hopeless.
    He’s a puppet.
    He’s as corrupt as the Democrats.
    He should resign as GOP chairman.

  10. Illinois is Currupt

    Mike doing a great job.

    I have no problem with the man.

    Just had a brain fart why don’t you run against Mike Tryon for State Rep and Chairman of the g.o.p?

    Sounds like you have all the answers.

    We need all the help we can get.

    Come to our next Nunda Meeting so you and me can sit next to each other and talk about your issue’s.

    I will be the start of your chain of command.

    Please put your name on the reply so i know who to sit with.

  11. Don’t hold your breath folks.

    I am still waiting on my appointment that the chain of command promised.

    Brent I didn’t run because I actually figured the Republicans could handle their jobs and put up a candidate.

    They failed to do so.

    When asked to run against Jack Franks, I cut my hours teaching Medical students back to nothing and threw my hat in.

  12. Brent “FART” Smith

    “Mike doing a great job….”

    WRONG…he is not doing any job, except the Democrats’ bidding, which equals a sleaze.

    “We need all the help we can get…”

    HOPELESS… the GOP of McHenry Co. is following in the foot steps of Cook Co., road to CORRUPTION.

  13. That’s the answer to the question everyone is asking?

    “I didnā€™t run because I actually figured the Republicans could handle their jobs and put up a candidate.”


    I guess we all learned a lot here.

    If you want to run for office, RUN.

    Circulate the petitions, get in the primary, win that slot.

    Or be like Dee Beaubien and run as an independent.

  14. Joe get over it. If you don’t like the process….fight to change it.

    I legally tried to get appointed.

    There is a process for potential candidates if the Republicans couldn’t find one.

    Maybe I will bring you back some cheese the next time I go up to WI.

  15. Uh- Tonya no offense but maybe you should work on your people skills before you try politics again.

    There IS a pretty straight forward system in place to get on the ballot and if you’d have followed it, you’d be the Republican candidate running against Jack Franks this fall.

    Yes, you can be appointed but the way most (I think all on the ballot this cycle, no?) candidates do it is to circulate petitions and run.

    No permission needed, no appointments- easy peasy.

    And why are you offering me Wisconsin Cheese?

  16. Gosh Joe…..I am so well informed now.

    Thanks for the information.

    Goodness, I had no idea that is how you run for office.

    I will try it your way next time.

    Silly me.

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