Pro-Life Pig Roast at Irene Napier’s Farm

The annual Pro-Life Pig Roast was held again at Irene Napier’s farm on Valley View Road.

Irene Napier surveys the crowd.

There was a goodly crowd of supporters of the Pro-Life position.

Part of the Pro-Life Pig Roast crowd in 2012

Old friends renewed acquaintances.

Republican State Rep. candidate David McSweeney chatted with Fred and Lynn Wickham.

Candidates from Lake courted voters.

Lake County Republican Recorder of Deeds candidate Bob Bednar.

Mundelein GOP State Senate candidate Don Castella.

Lake County Republican Bob Bedar advanced his candidacy for Recorder of Deeds.

30th District GOP State Senate candidate Don Castella was there, too.

I even sat at his table briefly talking to Barrington’s Jim Finnegan about how Democrat State Rep. Jack Franks of Marengo had stymied Chose Life license plates by putting authorization bills in subcommittees to die.

Mary McClellan, running as a Republican for the McHenry County Board.

There were at least three McHenry County Board members and candidates in attendance.

I saw Board members Nick Provenzano and John Hammerand.  Cheryl Hammerand, a Wonder Lake Fire Protection District Board member was there, too.

Mary McClelland, a GOP McHenry County Board candidate in District 3, spoke to the crowd.

State Senator Dan Duffy also spoke to the crowed.

He told of how Illinois Senate President John Cullerton changed his parking space when he would not use an offered Point of Personal Privilege to apologize to his fellow members for having insulted them when he spoke during Governor Rod Blagojevich’s impeachment trial.

Dan Duffy related how John Cullerton moved his parking space after he refused to apologize to colleagues for saying that Rod Blagojevich didn’t do what he did without legislators allowing him to get away with it.

Duffy had said that he didn’t understand how Blagojevich has been allowed to do all the things that had been presented in evidence at the trial by those who had served in the legislature at the same time.

Duffy told Cullerton that if he were granted the floor again, he had more to say in the same vein.

Shortly thereafter Cullerton announced the change in parking space.

Duffy said he thought he was back “in junior high.”

The highest ranking official to address the crowd was Congressman Randy Hultgren.

Illinois Democrats redistricted congressional districts so that all of McHenry County but Algonquin Township will be represented by Randy Hultgren…unless Democrat Dennis Anderson of Gurnee pulls off a bigger upset than Joe Walsh did when he beat Melissa Bean.

Before his talk, Congressman Randy Hultgren chatted with McHenry County Pro-Life “Godmother” Irene Napier.

Joe Edwards made a pitch for tax deductible funds to help finance an ultrasound machine for McHenry County.

Hultgren praised Walsh for not doing what the Democrats hoped would occur–a face-off between Hultgren and Walsh.

He urge the crowd to help Walsh beat Tammy Duckworth.

Peter Roskam will represent the rest of McHenry County, that is, Algonquin Township, unless there is a Democratic landslide of enormous proportions.

Joe Edwards talked of the progress being made to bring an ultrasound machine to McHenry County.

I think I heard that the Lutheran Life League had recently pledged $10,000.

Peter Breen of the Thomas More Law Society addressed the Pro-Life crowd.  Joe Alger, who acted as Master of Ceremonies, stands behind.

The Thomas More Law Society‘s Peter Breen told of his groups defense of Pro-Life video makers and other Pro-Life causes.

He also told of the role that his organization is taking in defending the Defense of Marriage Act, which liberal Cook County officials are refusing to defend.

Below are photos of the two other County Board members I noticed.

Nunda Township Clerk Bridgett Provenzano (left), County Board member Nick Provenzano (center) and family were at the Pig Roast.

There was lots of networking.

Former 8th District Congressional aspirant Rich Evans talks with County Board member John Hammerand and Marengo’s Eric Rukin.

Although Congressman Peter Roskam was absent, campaign worker David Rivera and his fiancee Kelly Baumgart were there to carry the flag…or at least wear the tee shirt.

David Rivera, from Congressman Peter Roskam’s campaign, attended accompanied by his fiancee Kelly Baumgart.

And, how could I pass up Woodstock’s Jim Klocek’s tee shirt of “Umbert?”

Woodstock’s Jim Klocek displays a Pro-Life message on his tee shirt.  It features “Umbert, the Unborn.”


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  1. You are correct. It’s Jim Klocek. I’ll make the correction. Thanks.

  2. Hey…even those in the minority (ideology) can have a good time at a pig roast.

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