Randy Hultgren’s Opponent Dennis Anderson Has Office in Crystal Lake

Folks in McHenry County can probably be excused for not knowing that 14th District Congressman Randy Hultgren, a Republican re-distracted into all of McHenry County except Algonquin Township (which is to be in Congressman Peter Roskam’s 8th District) has a Democratic Party opponent.

His name is Dennis Anderson and he is from Gurnee.  (Yes, Gurnee is in this Madigandered district.)

14th Illinois Congressional District Republican and Democratic Party primary election results.

Anderson beat Woodstock resident Jonathan Farnick 9,344 to 3,258 in the Democratic Party primary.

Dennis Anderson for Congress sign on Route 14 in Crystal Lake.

Note that Hultgren received 64,419 votes in the GOP primary.

That means Anderson has a Himalayan slope to climb in his attempt to win the 14th Congressional District seat.

Driving to Woodstock I’ve noticed two yard signs in front of the strip mall where 16th District Congressman Don Manzullo used to have his office.

They said, “Anderson for Congress.”

I went up to look in the office a while ago and saw no activity.

Monday, there were lights in the office.

As I was taking photos a young man got out of a car and asked what I was doing.

I told him and he indicated that was the office where he was going.

I asked if the candidate were in and he said Anderson was at a meeting.

I asked if he were the campaign manager.

He said he wasn’t.


Randy Hultgren’s Opponent Dennis Anderson Has Office in Crystal Lake — 9 Comments

  1. Dennis Anderson is a great guy, with decades of professional experience in the healthcare field, among his many qualifications.

    He would make a fine Congressman.

    While Hultgren may have an easy time of it, Anderson has answered the challenge of balanced representation in Illinois politics and is not afraid to make that climb, invest his time and talent and provide the voters of the 14th District with an alternative view of Illinois’ future. Take the time to learn about Dennis Anderson.

    He is a distinguished man who genuinely cares about the future of our state.

  2. How boring a world it would be if everyone had the same ideology.

    I am glad to see there is an alternative to a Tea Party guy who has no record of getting anything accomplished in his two years in office unless you are a post office looking for a name.

    After the Walsh upset in 2010, nothing should ever be taken as a given when it comes to elections.

  3. Hultgren is not a Tea Party guy, far more establishment.

    However LCTruth, I don’t know that I can (or want) to refute the point on his lack of accomplishments.

    However, neither party’s candidates at any level show any real independence from leadership.

    There are no guarantees that Anderson wouldn’t meekly follow Pelosi if the Dems reclaim the House, a possibility that is not far-fetched.

    Kind of free-associating I guess, but when you vote for a legislator, what you really are doing is voting for the leadership of that party in that body.

  4. You do realize Pelosi got more legislation passed under both President Bush and Obama than Boehner has right.

  5. LCTruth: And so what?

    More legislation means more laws.

    Not necessarily better laws.

    Quantity doesn’t mean quality.

    You also are not taking into account what laws were passed.

    Do something is not necessarily better than do nothing.

    Try again.

  6. I am new to the area and will be supporting Anderson.

    Read a little history about what party has done the middle class the most damage.

    Why would ANY blue collar person vote for a party that has done its best to destroy our standard of living !

    There are some misguided Democrats …but the entire GOP is dangerous to our way of living.

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