DNR Sends Boat License Bill without Return Address

No only did the the Illinois Department of Natural Resources not send an envelope in which to send the $45 renewal fee, but its bill did not even have a return address.

What you see is what I got:

The Illinois DNR seems to be intent on eliminating mail payment of boat license fees.

Our boat sticker expires in 2013.

Give us a call.

Or pay online.

“We don’t want to process checks” seems to be the message.

There is an irony.

Take a look at the sticker on our pontoon boat.

It expires in 2013.

That’s next year.

So what is really going on at the Department of Natural Resources?

Is this an attempt to get people who don’t owe money to pay anyway?

So many questions.

After looking at the notice again, I see that it is for a boat we have not had for three years.

We junked it.


DNR Sends Boat License Bill without Return Address — 4 Comments

  1. Does this surprise anyone…..

    They are all idiots spending our money like there is an endless supply.

    Wait a minute, it has been an endless supply!

    Just look at the Illinois budget.

  2. Cal-

    It would appear that the boat you sold three years ago has not been retitled in Illinois, or else is outside the state. I rather doubt you told the state that you sold your watercraft- or did you? Unless they were informed of the boat’s sale, they would presume you still owned it.

    As to the phone/internet options- these are less costly options than mailing in a renewal that someone has to enter into the state’s database. As it stands now, the current backlog for new watercraft titles (processed by mail), according to ILDNR, is just shy of two months at the moment.

  3. Also if you have read the news you would realize that the DNR’s budget has been slashed the past several years, they probably don’t have the resources to process mailed in checks, as the position that did that has probably been cut. Don’t be suprised to see state park fees in the coming years as well.

    It’s to bad more people don’t get behind a worthwhile state program like the DNR that protect our states endangered resources.

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