Early Voting Rules Changed by New Legislation

There weren’t any early voters in the Crystal Lake City Hall polling place when this photo was taken in October of 2010.

DeKalb County Clerk John Acardo continues to turn out useful electoral information.

Below he tells the changes in the early voting law:

Changes to Early Voting

The end of May also brings with it the end of the Legislative Session in Springfield.

While the driving issues of the day were the budget, pensions, and Medicaid; the Association of County Clerk’s and Recorder’s was watching carefully the Election’s Omnibus bill which passed both chambers and now awaits the Governor’s signature.

Some of the most noticeable potential changes in this year’s Omnibus bill are reflected in the processing and execution of Early Voting throughout the State.

While the legislation still awaits the Governor’s signature, it is anticipated that it will become law.

Under the new rules: Early Voting will again be mandatory on NIU’s campus this year, for the entirety of the Early Voting period.

It is also mandated that it be placed in a “high traffic” area.

We are working with our partners at NIU to ensure we have a high traffic area, as well as one that has easy access to the community for parking and voting in the greater DeKalb area.

The timeframe for Early Voting could also potentially change.

The period currently runs between the 22nd day and the 5th to last day before the Election.

Under the new proposals, it will run from the 15th to the 3rd

Candidates interested in this opportunity can download forms for local office at to last day before the Election.

Grace period registration could also coincide with this period.

Again, our office will attempt to broadcast voting opportunities to all residents in an easy to understand capacity, cutting through the six different types of voting activities.

Additionally, we are expanding the accessibility of Early Voting throughout the County.


Early Voting Rules Changed by New Legislation — 3 Comments

  1. Just how much is “Early Voting” costing us here in Illinois?

    This has got to be one of the dumbest ideas to hit the road here.

    For many years people voted ON Voting Day. Polls are open all day, from 6AM until 7PM.

    For the few people who couldn’t make that, absentee voting was available.


    The same number of voters is spread out over Voting Day AND three weeks.

    A few people dribble in during Early Voting, but at least two poll workers must be present all day, every day.

    They aren’t volunteers; they get paid. Plus voting equipment has to be delivered, maintained, picked up. Ka-ching, ka-ching.

    And what was the voter turn-out in the last election?

    Under 20%.


    That money could, instead, be spent in Illinois on something that’s important.

  2. Agree Gus. With Vote By Mail, we should abolish this very expensive process that nets very little gain in voter turn-out.

  3. Gus: I would check the numbers before you make your decision.

    Early voting has gone up significantly year over year.

    Prior- you could not use absentee voting unless you were going to be out of town on election day.

    Early voting for me is at the McHenry Township ( not my precinct) and it does not appear any additional resources are used.

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