McHenry County’s Phantom State GOP Convention Delegates

Although Republican Precinct Committeemen were told all the 2012 Illinois State Republican slots were filled and a list was never made public, there were lots of empty seats allocated to the McHenry County Republican Party in Tinley Park.

And some people who were registered as “Guests” were made “Delegates” on the day of the plenary session, Saturday.

(In another party jurisdiction, such a request made by the party head, was denied.)

There were even names on them.

McHenry County had most of the seats in the back two rows. On the empty seats were the names of Delegates who did not attend the main session.

I checked with three and asked if that person had paid, but just not attended.  I was told nothing came out that checking account.

McHenry County GOP Treasurer Fred Wickham told me that no check was written from the Central Committee’s coffers.

Did someone pay for the delegates?

If so, who?

Beats me, but if you see any of the following, whom I did not see at the convention, you might want to ask them.

I should emphasize that it is possible that some named below were in attendance prior to the main session and went home early and there were two people on the floor I did not recognize, so did not put them in article on who went (which misses some people who attended Friday, but left before speeches).

  • Joe Calomino, Lake in the Hills
  • Tine Hill, Woodstock
  • Al Jourdan, Johnsburg
  • Carrie Jourdan, Johnsburg
  • Ken Koehler, Crystal Lake
  • Mary Ann Louderback, Cary
  • Rick Mack, Ringwood
  • Mary McClellan
  • Bernard Narusis, Oakwood Hills
  • Regina Narusis, Oakwood Hills
  • Roberta Panfaleo, unknown
  • Jack Schaffer, Cary
  • Mike Shorten, Crystal Lake
  • Joyce Story, McHenry
  • Barbara Wheeler, Crystal Lake


McHenry County’s Phantom State GOP Convention Delegates — 1 Comment

  1. There were a number of new PC’s who asked to be delegates to the convention BEFORE the deadline and were told the slots were all filled. I being one of them.

    I asked for the number of delegates going from Geri Davis and got no reply.

    I personally questioned Mike Tryon why we couldn’t get appointed when it seemed there were certainly spaces left to fill and it would make McHenry County look like their GOP was involved.

    All I got were fingers pointed at Geri Davis and excuses that made no sense.

    Such as…”I have only been to one convention in 25 years” from Mike Tryon.

    Looks like Mike boosted that number up to 2!

    I and another PC made the long trip to Tinley Park after paying our $50 to attend as nonvoting “guests”.

    How sad no one from our own county GOP leaders could have stepped up to the plate to fill two of those many vacant seats.

    Gee, wonder why?

    Energized new GOP PC’s with ideas to claim our state from the hands of liberal destruction need not apply.

    Wisconsin is so close, yet so far away.

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