A Month and a Half Until Walt Packard and Spouse Off MCC Taxpayers’ Health Insurance

Walt Packard in his golden parachute.

Walt Packard and his golden parachute.

Three and a half years was the health insurance part of the $200,000 (maybe the health insurance was not included in that figure) golden parachute that McHenry County College Trustees gave outgoing (don’t let the door hit you on the way out) President Walt Packard.

You remember him.

MCC President Walt Packard pulls American Flag to block photographing of the secret meeting about the broadcast tower.

He’s the one that convinced the Board to approve a minor league baseball stadium and to hide pretty much everything that would be spent to build it from the Freedom of Information Act.

No mention that baseball teams have a life of about 5 years and the bonds were 20 years.

Or that the stadium would provide 36% of the revenues but comprise 38.5% of the cost.

He was the one that convinced the board to allow a firm to build the highest broadcast tower in Illinois overlooking Crystal Lake.

He was the one who used the American Flag to keep a prying camera lens from photographing the secret meeting about the broadcast tower proposal.

He was in control when the campus security illegally forced those outside a secret meeting to leave the building.

When the time for his “leadership” expired, he somehow convinced the board to provide the following:

“Dr. Packard will also continue to be enrolled in the College’s medical, dental, and vision insurance plans through June 30, 2010, and upon his retirement as President Emeritus, the College will pay the Board’s percentage share of the premium cost of health insurance coverage for

  • Dr. Packard and
    his spouse

for the period from July 1, 2010 through August 21, 2012.”


A Month and a Half Until Walt Packard and Spouse Off MCC Taxpayers’ Health Insurance — 4 Comments

  1. What services did he actually provide per the spiel the public was told were part of the deal?

    Does the board have a verifiable recap the public can see?

  2. Shouldn’t he be entitled to at least a statue for all he has done for the people of Mchenry County? (sarcasim)

  3. You know if there was a statue the pigeons could do what he did to the taxpayers of Mchenry County.

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