Peter Roskam Leads with Medicaid Fraud

The Skinners get back from vacation and what appeared in the mailbox?

Along with the other accumulated mail were two postcards from Congressman Peter Roskam, the incumbent in the current 6th Congressional District who seeks to represent the newly-Madiganized 6th District.  (It now goes from Roskam’s hometown of Wheaton to the northwest all the way to the northwestern corner of Algonquin Township. That’s the point where Algonquin, Grafton, Dorr and Nunda Townships meet.

The subject of both was Medicare fraud.)

The first has a big hammer labeled “Medicare Fraud” that has smashed the glass in a frame of a photo of an older couple.

Medicare fraud is the topic of this Peter Roskam campaign piece.

Saying such fraud costs $60 billion a year, Roskam promotes his “FAST Act.” (“FAST” standing for “The Fighting Fraud and Abuse to Save Taxpayer Dollars Act.”)

The postcard says that 10% of Medicare expenditures are fraudulent or abuse.

Roskam says “cutting edge technology will reduce fraudulent payments to less than .01%.”

“Just one of the ways Peter Roskam is working to serve Chicago-area residents,” the bottom of the back of the postcard proclaims.

It’s endorsed by AARP and Citizens Against Government Waste and “supported by the White House and Republicans and Democrats in Congress.”

The second (or maybe it was the first) postcard about Medicare waste talks about $50 million of Medicare fraud.

That’s a bit strange, since the other one claimed waste to be $60 million.

This postcard pretty much repeats the message in Peter Roskam’s first Medicare fraud missive.

The address side has a crumpled up dollar bill, plus the message that one out of ten Medicare dollars “is wasted due to fraud and abuse.”

The tag line on the address side of this Medicare fraud mailing reads, “Peter Roskam has a solution to strengthening medicare while saving taxpayers billions of dollars.”


Peter Roskam Leads with Medicaid Fraud — 3 Comments

  1. My solution would be to assigN Patrick Fitzgerald to investigate Medicare fraud.

    If there is one area that may be more corrupt than Illinois politics it’s Medicare fraud.

  2. Am I confused? are we talking Medicare or Medicaid?

    Public Aid, itself, has been a retirement plan for many who have bilked the system.

    When calling in a complaint, you are told that “it is cheaper to just pay the (unqualified Medicaid recipient) than to follow up and track down the offender. With this attitude in the State office of Public Aid, we’ll never get out of debt.

    Just more Illinois bureaucracy throwing away our hard earned dollars.

  3. Mark… I think you’re right on with Patrick Fitzgerald.

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