Walsh Urges Egypt to Renew Camp David Treaties with Israel, Withhold $2 Billion Subsidy until It Does

A press release from Congressman Joe Walsh:

Rep. Walsh Sends Message to New Egyptian Government

Rep. Walsh Urges Leadership to Condition Aid to Egypt on Reaffirming Treaties with Israel

WASHINGTON- Today, Rep. Walsh sent a clear message to the new Egyptian government that the United States will not continue to provide $2 billion a year in foreign aid if President Mohamed Mursi and the new Egyptian government oppose American interests in the Middle East.

Walsh, along with 35 other members of the House of Representatives, sent a letter to House Leadership that urges them to withhold aid to the new Egyptian government until it reaffirms its treaties with Israel and recognizes Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state.

Since Egypt signed the Camp David Accords in 1979, the U.S. has provided roughly $2 billion a year in aid to Egypt in return for it maintaining peace with Israel.

Joe Walsh visited Israel during his first year in office.

“At a time when our nation is racking up record deficits and American families are struggling under higher taxes and shrinking budgets, the United States needs to start prioritizing foreign aid programs.

“Every tax dollar that goes to propping up a government directly opposed to American interests is a tax dollar wasted. That money should instead be put towards paying down our national debt or providing tax relief to struggling American families.”

Many members of the Muslim Brotherhood have a history of supporting terrorism, and current party leaders have made no conscious move to abandon that legacy.

President Mursi has spoken noxiously about American policy in the Middle East, referred to Israelis as “tyrants,” and expressed doubts that the 9/11 attacks were carried out by terrorists.

The President has also been quoted as stating that he favors normalizing relations with Iran, including expanding areas of political and economic cooperation in order to create a balance of pressure in the region.

Of greatest concern are reports that President Mursi revealed that the Camp David Peace Accords with Israel “will be reviewed.”

“Israel is a critical strategic partner for the U.S. in the Middle East.

“Only a strong, secure Israel will bring lasting peace to the Middle East.

“We would like to continue an open, working relationship with the new Egyptian government.

“But it must choose to work with the United States to continue to promote peace and stability in the region. Any future foreign aid packages must be contingent on these actions.”


Walsh Urges Egypt to Renew Camp David Treaties with Israel, Withhold $2 Billion Subsidy until It Does — 7 Comments

  1. Egypt is the world’s largest wheat importer.

    Learned that from a fascinating book called the Land Grabbers (the new fight over who owns the earth) from Fred Pearce that was in the new book section at the library.

    So US provides $2B in foreign aid to Egypt.

    And Egypt imports US wheat.

    I’m sure US wheat exporters such as Cargill want the US to continue providing foreign aid to Egypt.

  2. In my comments $2B = $2 Billion.

    Other big wheat exporters are Canada, Australia, Russia, and France.

    By the way a good diabetes prevention strategy is to eat whole grains because it doesn’t spike the blood sugar as much and takes longer to digest and has the added benefit of leaving you fuller and being more nutritious.

    Watch the labeling carefully.

    “Made with whole grains” is much different than “100% whole grain.”

    “Made with whole grains” is a mixture of whole grains and not whole grains.

    “100% whole grain” means there are no grains that are not whole grains.

    Any time you eat grains watch the sodium, sugar, and fat levels because food companies typically dump a lot of one or more of those items in to make their foods tastier – at your health’s peril.

  3. How do you feel Mr. Walsh of being a member of the worst Congress ever….A 10% approval rating!!

    The latest fillabuster on a bill to give small business a tax credit and help add new jobs is just a small example.

    Then it will come were you and D. Issa are teaming up to destroy the US postal system and a loss of 200,000 jobs!!

    HS 2309 But you voted recently that postal workers should put 5% more of their pay towards their pension funds but no increase in benifits… in other words a 5% cut in pay!!!

    Small business owners are coming forward and saying the health care act is benifiting their operations. Instead of a jobs fair how about going back to Washington and help get the job done instead of running around loud mouthing about nothings!!

  4. Jackson….

    You must be getting your information via the bias news media, NBC, CBS, ABC …

    I’m a small business owner and there is NO way Obamacare will be of benefit to me.

    It will be adding a burden of more TAXES more government intrusion and more paper work.

    I have not been hiring for two years and will have no choice but layoffs in 2013 to counter the extra Obama taxes.

    Obama is the worst President ever…

    Obama is the best liar ever…

    Approval rating for Joe Walsh is 110% .

  5. Jackson…

    As far as the post office….the workers are fortunate to have jobs.

    By the way it’s one of the worst run government agencies.

    I believe there will be closing some post offices around the county, due to their financial mess.

  6. A interesting name you go by “truth seeker”.

    But you are far from the truth.

    Tell me please..what have the repubs done for a middle class worker lately??

    Is this what you say to your employed people…”you are fortunate to have this job”??

    The “truth” you can’t handle the “truth”!!!!

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