McHenry County GOP Fails to Muster Quorum for Summer Meeting

Fifty-three Republican Precinct Committeemen attended the Central Committee meeting at the Algonquin Township Hall Monday night.  Mike Tryon addresses the crowd.

Just as there was not a quorum at the Special Meeting called to determine whether Democratic Party State Rep. Jack Franks would have Tonya Franklin as an opponent, there was no quorum Monday night.

Mike Tryon

Gathering at the Algonquin Township meeting room, 53 GOP Precinct Committeemen answered the Roll Call. That’s about ten more than came to the Special Meeting that Tryon discouraged people from attending.

65 were needed for a quorum.

As usual, a meeting was held anyway, although no official action was taken.

Chairman Mike Tryon explained that the Romney campaign won’t be supporting the Party on the local level, but that there probably would be television ads bought in the Chicago market in order to reach the swing state of Indiana.

Tryon said he looked forward to Tea Party Republicans campaigning for those running for local office.

As he talked about how it may be difficult to convince Republican voters to think anything is at stake, I thought of how a Tonya Franklin candidacy against Jack Franks would have energized Tea Party enthusiasts in County Board Districts 4, 5 and 6, all of which have Democratic Party challengers.

A lost opportunity to increase GOP turnout, in my opinion.

John McCrory

That, he hoped, would bring some sense of excitement to the closing days of the campaign.

McHenry County Clerk Kathie Schultz explains the importance of getting the card filled out to the person’s past election authority.

The Party is trying to find a Crystal Lake Route 14 storefront from which to mount a campaign, but, with the economy improving locally, affordable locations are difficult to find.

Nevertheless, the campaign is going forward under the assumption that a location will be found. Those willing to volunteer should contact John McCrory. His email address is

After the party pitches, McHenry County Clerk Kathie Schultz instructed the new committeemen on how to register voters and swore them in as Deputy Registrars.


McHenry County GOP Fails to Muster Quorum for Summer Meeting — 19 Comments

  1. Good to see how interested the Republican committee people are that they don’t even attend meetings. It sure looks like Mchenry county is turning Democrat or was it always that way ?

  2. What total losers.

    They eat their young and then expect loyalty an motivation from those very members.

    Land of the misfit toys, if you ask me.

    What a shame. The party is run by the likes of Nygren and Davis and the “figure heads” of Althoff Beaubien are deep seated liberals. Nygren and Davis are running the party into the ground.

    It’s time to dump the local “Republican” Party folks. The writing is on the wall. If you don’t understand this….you truly need help.

  3. If you think Nygren is running anything, you obviously haven’t been paying attention.

    Nygren hasn’t been involved in hardly anything since his last reelection.

  4. Gee no quarium …..

    I wonder if the ” good olde boy” Mike Tryon sent letters to committittman not to attend, as he did for the June special meeting?

  5. If Nygren isn’t running things in the “Republican” Party here in our County, how did he just pull off an assassination attempt against the States Attorney?

    While doing this, he needed a Republican judge to go along with the conspiracy and allow it to be funded by our tax dollars.

    Then, he needed local police – who were politically involved – to work with him on the witch hunt.

    He then needed “special prosecutors” to handle the case that was so factually outlandish the defense never needed to present its case, and then he needed the County Board and the local “Republican” Party to go along with it by remaining silent.

    Not a single “Repbulican” tried to stop it.

    Nygren pulled it off.

    Though he lost the case with laughing incompetence on the part of the judge and the procecutors, Nygren made life for his political enemies difficult.

    He used the party and the tax payers for his personal gain and had them pay his bill.

    He has the money and the power in the party.

    He runs things, Erik, don’t kid yourself.

    Just because he doesn’t go to “so-and so’s” breakfast, doesn’t me he doesnt run things in a thuggish manner.

  6. This just shows that the incumbents are too comfortable in their positions and are failing us as employees.

    If you don’t show up to work…you get FIRED.

    I plan to and will push my friends and coworkers to vote out the majority of the incumbents.

    There are some good people out there, but it’s slim pickings!

  7. Lots of grey hair because people do not develop conservative attitudes until they have been in the job market for twenty years or more.

  8. Are the attendance records available?

    It would be good to know which precincts need new committeemen.

  9. Tough crowd….

    Maybe some people had reasons they didn’t show up?

    The meeting was thought to be mainly for new committeeman in teaching them how to be committeeman and becoming voter registrars.

    I was not in attendance because of my event local Government Mondays that I planned the beginning of June to do. Educating the community about Local Government was more important for me.

  10. Thank you to those in attendance.

    Precinct Committeemen know what they signed up for and attending meetings is part of it.

    Scheduling other events that support your own agenda and not putting duties first isn’t what I am looking for in my elected officials.

    Serve in the position you were elected to or appointed or get off the pot.

    I would have been there.

  11. Educating voters on what a job position is so they can make an educated vote in November is doing my job Tonya.

    So people learn the issues in their local government and are able to git rid of typical politicians like Jack Franks.

    You should have read up on what I’m trying to do instead of acting like its my own agenda.

    I would love it if you came to one of them!

    Like the state issues!

    Maybe you’ll learn something to help you in making an educated vote in November 🙂

  12. Melissa had scheduled her event before this meeting was scheduled.

    As committeeman, the meeting that we were elected and appointed to be at is supposed to be on Thursday.

    If we just sit around and never do anything in case they decide to schedule a meeting that day, we will be in pretty sad shape in November.

    Just in case you missed it, here is a link to a video explaining the job of precinct committeeman:

  13. I was addressing those who weren’t in attendance.

    If the shoe fits.

  14. Melissa after you told me you supported Palestine…..I made my decision to distance myself from you.

    I am educated and I didn’t get my education from a child.

  15. Wow! Tonya, I am not surprised you were not allowed to run.

    In the little contact I’ve had with you, you have been very disrespectful.

    A little tact goes a long way.

    Also, someone disagreeing with you does not mean they are wrong.

    You do not have a monopoly on Truth. Even the smartest of people, with the very best views, are wrong sometimes.

    When you don’t accept that, and “distance” yourself from those who disagree, that is called ignorance.

    As for the child comment above; Ms. Denker seems to be far more mature (and more informed).

    Ms. Denker, Way to go! Keep educating voters!

    That’s committeemen were actually appointed/elected to do! (Not jumping through Tryon’s hoops.)

  16. No. I support both sides, because as a Christian I don’t hate people.

    I support peace between countries.

    You would understand why I feel this way… If you understood the situation that Serbia is going through with Kosovo.

    I am also not a child,

    I am according by law a legal adult.

    Sure I can act like a child at times but everyone can…. including you.

    It is your decision to do what you want but please don’t put words in my mouth and assume when you don’t understand something.

    People have different opinions and I respect them.

    Just as you should have respect towards others even if they have done wrong to you.

    I appreciate your comment shocked! 🙂

    We should be letting people form opinions based on fact not on feeling or misinformation.

    That’s how we win in November and teach the younger generations how to keep our freedoms and liberties.

    Without them there is no United States of America.

  17. erik
    are you the chairman of the Young Republicans? What have you been doing with the young generation for the County?

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