Mike Tryon Schedules Fund Raiser August 1st

He has no opponent, but State Rep. Mike Tryon is holding his annual fund fish boil fund raiser on August 1st at Huntley’s Parkside Pub.

The price is $40.

The details of the event are in the flyer seen below:

State Rep. Mike Tryon’s annual Fish Boil will be held August 1st at Huntley’s Parkside Pub from 5-9.

If you are wondering why a State Representative without an opponent needs money, perhaps the $2,500 contribution to the House Republican Organization might provide something of an explanation.

As I have explained before, Republican House leaders expect large contributions from members. The higher the position with the party hierarchy, the more money is expected.

Mike Tryon is expected to pony us $10,000 a year.

For those who want to take out Mike Madigan from the House Speakership, it has to be realized that Republican candidates in districts where Republicans might defeat an incumbent Democrat that there is not a tradition of giving money to Republican legislative candidates.

That means to have a chance of winning, money must come from somewhere else.

McHenry County is one of those “somewhere elses.”

If you would like to see how Tryon spent his money, campaign contributions for the first quarter of the year (the quarter with the primary election) here and in the second quarter Tryon gave $500 to Ken Koehler’s campaign.

Other itemized (over $150) expenditures can be found here for the first quarter of 2012 and here for the second quarter of the year.


Mike Tryon Schedules Fund Raiser August 1st — 7 Comments

  1. Bunch of folks already voting for him anyway.

    I think I would rather have a tooth pulled that day.

    Sorry I can’t make it for all the fun.

  2. No opponent……seems to be the common theme for the Party this year. Republicans should be embarrassed.

  3. We should not be embarrassed that we have a state rep candidate that no Democrat was willing to run against.

    An unopposed Republican in a General Election is something to be excited about.

    Seeing “No Candidate Filed” on a Republican ballot in a primary is a problem.

    If we should be embarrassed about anything it should be the fact that we didn’t have a Republican primary battle for the 63rd district.

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