Grafton Township Republican Party Chairman Favors Primary Election

Tom Poznanski

Monday night Grafton Township Party Central Committee Chairman Tom Poznanski told me that he favored letting the voters decide who the Republican Party candidates for township office would be.

This is the third cycle during which partisan candidates have run for office.

For the first, eleven years ago, the Central Committee held a caucus.

In 2009, the Party decided on a primary election at which Linda Moore beat out the incumbent John Rossi by a couple dozen votes, while re-electing three out of the four incumbent Trustees from the Rossi years.

The fourth Trustee elected was Gerry McMahon. He was supported by those behind Moore, but quickly switched sides and became Moore most vociferous critic.

Moore has been isolated on the Township board which she chairs, having to go to court to keep the Trustees from usurping her executive branch functions.

The Trustees have appealed Judge Michael Caldwell’s decision.

A primary challenge to Moore is a certainty.


Grafton Township Republican Party Chairman Favors Primary Election — 13 Comments

  1. What?

    No party love for Linda Moore?

    Sounds like she will soon be an orphan (kiss of death).

    Moore and more people are seeing the light that is Linda Moore, and that light is rather dim.

    Cal, how are things going with all of Linda’s court cases?

    Two were on the docket for this morning.

    Last week was Moore vs Moore.

    Later this week is Dave Moore’s turn in court.

    State vs David Moore. Battery.

    Thanks for doing all you do to keep us informed Cal.

  2. If only the voters knew the truth about the 4 amigos they would have a different oppinion of Linda Moore.

    Lies and deception are their strong suit.

    The election of the guy from Sun City was apparently arranged so the voting would be a mess.

    I am very sorry to say I voted for him.

    I for one will not vote for any of these trustees? for this or any other office they will run for.

    hank You Linda for saving the taxpayers $5,000,000 even though they do not appreciate it.

  3. Zorro: the $5million is an illusion. Can’t save what hasn’t been spent. Now if you want to talk about spending, check out Moore’s legal bills, which are rapidly approaching $1million. Moore is all for transparency – in everyone else’s office. We’ll see if she takes the new transparency law seriously – or if it’s more of the same scofflaw stuff.

  4. How sad that you won’t accept the facts.

    You are right, it was $3.500,000 plus $1.500,000 interest.

    Oh wait that is still $5,000,000.

    But wait, theres more, check on the spending of the 4 losers er amigos and you will see a vast amount of taxpayers dollars being wasted.

    They just won’t accept there is a new Grafton supervisor.

  5. It’s not my fault you cannot connect the dots linking obvious facts.

    Your douchbaggery does little to flatter your moniker, Zorro.

  6. I have been to a couple of the township meetings and I can say that all 4 out of the 5 people are totally nuts.

    The only person that seems to have a decent head on her shoulders is Betty Zirk; only time I seen her out of line was after Rob whispers stuff into her ear.

    I will be voting against 4 out of 5 people! 🙂

  7. “I will be voting against 4 out of 5 people!”

    No you won’t. The terms of all four trustees are not up at the same time.

  8. Zero – You are thanking Linda Moore for what???

    She is incapable of performing the smallest of tasks expected of her position.

    Long time assessor Will Ottley is suing Linda Moore, who pays his office’s bills, for allegedly botching them so badly no one’s willing to provide him services or goods anymore.

    For this, among other things, she gets your support and vote?


  9. Not sure what you’ve been drinking Zorro. The trustees have been doing everything that they possibly can to keep this township together. I give them my utmost respect!!

    The township would be in order if it weren’t for LINDA MOORE!!! How many times is she in court this month? Is that what a normal person does? I think not!

    You need to seriously re-evaluate what Linda is and is not doing in her position. But, better hurry up because her clock is ticking .. tick tock ….

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