Crystal Lake Chick-Fil-A Opening August 9th

Crystal Lake’s Chick-Fil-A has outdoor tables with umbrellas ready to be unfurled.

The parking lot is striped, but workmen are still at the replacement for Hooters in Crystal Lake (which replaced Hardee’s).

And, what is that replacement?

Kid-friendly Chick-Fil-A.

Knowing that the restaurant was coming to Crystal Lake, I noticed the funny billboards on our trip south this summer.

“Brake 4 Chikin,” reads the cows’ billboard.

Holstein cows are shown promoting the eating of chicken.

I would make a guess that the best hamburgers are not made from Holsteins, a cow bred to produce milk, but maybe that’s where they end up when they stop producing enough.

In any event, the billboards were among the highlights of the many miles we drove on Interstates.

Thursday, August 9th, our family will get to see what all the talk is about.

Certainly, the Crystal Lake restaurant will appeal to kids.

There is a playland.

“We’ve very excited to serve everyone in McHenry County,”  Operator Ben Moore told me.

Parents can eat while children play in this enclosed area.

There’s plenty of room to sit down for lunch or dinner.

Chick-Fil-A has plenty of space and obviously serves Coke products.

And, there’s a drive-thru as well.

I wonder if Chicago’s own superhero from the 1970’s–Chickenman–will be at the Grand Opening.

The restaurant is located on Route 14 in Crystal Lake in front of Menard’s and next to the Village Squire.


Crystal Lake Chick-Fil-A Opening August 9th — 7 Comments

  1. See you at Chick-Fil-A on opening day.

    Just sorry they didn’t choose Woodstock, instead.

  2. I am sure the women workers doing finishing work appreciate being referred to as “workmen.”

    Journalists should use the term ‘worker’ when the people doing the work are both male and female

  3. Ha ha! Worker?!

    Really, who cares?!

    Some people need another day job. Can’t wait for chick fil a! Grew up eating it in the south, nice to have it here for my children!

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