Judge Michael Caldwell Gives Rome Lecture

A press release from the McHenry County Courts:

Michael Caldwell

Judge Michael Caldwell Gives Lecture in Rome

McHenry County Circuit Judge Michael T. Caldwell recently returned from Rome, Italy where he delivered a lecture to students at Loyola University School of Law in Rome.

Assistant Dean of the law school James Faught invited Judge Caldwell to address his class of the evolution of the adversary system to discuss modern alternatives to trial.

“Whether a law student intends to practice in the courts or not,” Caldwell said, “it is important to know not only the evolution of our system of justice, but to also be knowledgeable about alternative dispute resolution.

“It is more important these days because the overwhelming number of cases is resolved by some form of out-of-court agreement, most recently through the process of mediation.” Judge Caldwell, a trained judicial mediator, is a civil trial court judge and presides over civil jury and bench trials in the 22nd Circuit, Woodstock.

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