Tea Party Booth at the McHenry County Fair

Seen in Downtown Ringwood.

Look what the Crystal Lake Tea Party just sent out:

In the spirit of American Patriots, the Crystal Lake Tea Party and Huntley Area Tea Party are collaborating to share resources and staff a booth at the McHenry County Fair.

With November (and October early voting) elections fast approaching, all of us are looking at various ways in order to educate our voters and promote our Tea Party values.

The Fair runs from Wednesday, August 1st, through Sunday, August 5th, and will require booth staffing from 10 am to 10 pm each of those days, except for the early close on Sunday.

If you’ve never had the experience of meeting neighbors and friends at this type of venue, let us assure you that it is a TON of fun!

People who attend the Fair are in a happy mood to begin with, so half your work is already done!

We’d love to make sure that we’re able to accommodate all volunteers with a two-hour time slot of their first choice, so please get back to me ASAP so we can reserve your time.

If you’d like to bring a personal friend with you to help keep you company, just let us know.

Our Tea Party people always work on the premise of the more, the merrier!

Thanks! We’re looking forward to hearing your choice of times!

Contact us at:

Diane Evertsen dfevertsen@yahoo.com

Bill Broderick – Huntley TEA Party

or Mary Alger – Crystal Lake TEA Party


Tea Party Booth at the McHenry County Fair — 2 Comments

  1. No Tea Party Booth at the Lake County Fair year.

    Maybe because two of the usual suspects who man the booth each year are running for office and they want to hide the TP affiliation in Lake County.

  2. See you there!

    If you want to know more about the Tea Party, if you are tired of the same old lies and talking points from the media and career politicians, take the time to stop by and say hello!

    We would love to hear from you.

    If you’re interested in getting involved this is your chance…..Imagine a movement of local citizens all dedicated to limiting government, working to return America to free market principles, lowering taxes, putting an end to wasteful spending, corruption and outsourcing.

    We the people hold the power and it’s time to show it.

    You see the problems….let’s find a solution McHenry County.

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