McHenry Township GOP Gets a Quorum

John O’Neill

Linda Murphy

A Republican Party organization in McHenry County got a quorum.

After the failure of a quorum to be mustered at both the Special Meeting of the County GOP when an attempt was being made to allow Tea Party activist Tonya Franklin, followed by the failure of enough Precinct Committeemen to attend the July County Republican meeting, plus the non-quorum at a Nunda Township meeting, one might wonder if a trend was appearing.

On Tuesday, the McHenry Township Republican Central Committee broke that streak.

Considering whether to recommend someone to fill the McHenry Township Trustee vacancy created when Kathy Kutcha resigned, enough people showed up to hold a legal meeting.

I’m told eight people applied for the vacant Trustee position. Four are Precinct Committeemen.

The Central Committee decided not to endorse anyone.

Two applicants, John O’Neill (the only one to challenge Jack Franks in the last four elections) and 2012 McHenry County Board candidate Linda Murphy, were each given a few minutes to speak. A third applicant, Erik Sivertson, arrived after the discussion on the vacancy was complete.

There are five other applicants for the vacancy.

Interviews by the McHenry Township Board will be Tuesday night at the Township Hall.

The names of the applicants follow:


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