Jack Franks Sets Chicago Mike Madigan Fund Raiser

Democratic Party State Rep. Jack Franks is mining for gold in Chicago Wednesday night at the Paris Club, 59 W. Hubbard, Chicago.

Jack Franks photoshopped himself into this Paris, France, location in his invitation to a August 1, 2012, fund raiser at Chicago’s Paris Club.

The minimum price is $250 for the unopposed candidate for State Rep.

Unopposed because the McHenry County Republican Party didn’t want to unleash Tea Party activist Tonya Franklin on him.

The local GOP decided nobody was better than somebody.

Sort of a variation on the reply Abner Mikva got from a Chicago Ward Committeeman’s office when he went to volunteer as a University of Chicago student:

“We don’t want somebody nobody sent.”

Franks was overheard at the McHenry Fiesta Days Parade backing and filling when he was asked if he were going to vote to re-elected House Speaker Mike Madigan.

Mike Madigan’s name is on the top of Jack Franks’ Chicago fundraising invitation.

Take a look at the invitation.

Who’s name is right on top?

Michael J. Madigan.

What a surprise.

Other Chicago politicians asking folks to “join them in honoring State Representative Jack Franks” are Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart and Chicago Alderman Ed Burke.

The song “We Are Family” comes to mind.

Although the bottom price is $250, Franks is pitching for $5,000, the maximum one is now allowed to contribute unless one has money in a candidate or leadership Political Action Committee.

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Republican State Rep. Mike Tryon is holding a fund raiser the same Wednesday night in Huntley, which is located both in his old and new districts.

The bottom price is $40, but a $1,500+ contribution level is the highest listed.


Jack Franks Sets Chicago Mike Madigan Fund Raiser — 11 Comments

  1. I’ve thought of this a little bit and think this cuts both ways.

    Tryon has no opposition, but the Democrats don’t seem to be as indignant as the Republicans.

    This is a blatant quid pro quo, of course.

    With their lack of comment abou this (and other uncontested county contests versus GOP candidates), at least the Democrats are being honest about it.

    Too bad as my dissatisfaction with Tryon and others is so great that I would cast votes for Democrats.

    I think the deal is in place partly so guys like Tryon don’t see the dissatisfaction with them and it inhibits a chance for a palace revolt.

  2. Vote Early and Vote Often.
    Early voting starts … one week later than you might have thought.

    Oct. 12, 2012 First day for grace period voting
    Oct. 22, 2012 First day for early voting
    Nov. 6, 2012 Last chance (maybe) to vote

    Watch this race closely.
    Jack Franks (D) ___
    Nobody (R) ___
    Tonya Franklin (write-in?) ___

  3. Does this invitation give you a sense that our State Representative has lost touch with his struggling community?

    Ya think?

  4. Every candidate has to raise money. I know this blog loves to make wild assumptions based on negligible evidence – but the Parisian theme appears to just be based on the venue.

    I’m sure Leader Cross lending his name to help House GOP members fundraising efforts would prompt a similar negative reaction?

  5. “Every candidate has to raise money”….

    Sure Jack Franks needs the cash…
    For his new Mercedes…
    For his elaborate Parisian vacation…
    For his new mansion…
    For his new chainsaws…

    Ya…..way to go in this economy…Chainsaw Jack

  6. Don’t forget Franks’ multi-million dollar Lake Geneva Estate that is used for political pals and influence. That’s on top of his million dollar house here in McHenry County

    Funny thing is that liberals, who “support” social services, love this guy. He is the KING of the “1%-ers”.

    The same liberal politicians who run Government into the ground – ultimately leading the state to cut funding for health care, social service support, and social justice issues are the very same politicians supported by such groups interested in helping the poor. What a joke.

    Those interested in “Social Justice” please wake up!!!! For the sake of the poor, it is the Republican Party who is your political ally; the Democrats are your enemy.

    If you don’t realize this intellectually, then continue to live in the delusion that causes the ever increase in the difference between the “haves” and the “have-nots”. Your blind allegiance to the Democratic Party condemns the underpriveleaged (who you claim to support) eternally to the basement of the economic scale forever; precisely where the Democrats eternally want them – beholden to the Democrats like cocaine to an addict.

  7. About two years ago, I got down on Jack Franks a bit when I found his ties to the “Gaming” Industry.

    However, if you look at his ‘local’ voting record, Representative Franks has kept in line with what HIS constituents core values are here at home.

    !) Un like Republican Mike Tryon, I believe Jack Franks voted DOWN the recent cuts to health care for the poor.

    2) I also believe unlike Republican Mike Tryon, Jack Franks voted against Gambling machines for McHenry County which I’m sure hurt him with what I found to be one of his political contributors, “The Gaming Industry.”

    Seems to me anymore, things are no longer a ‘Red’ or “Blue’ issues. Many are local ‘human’ issues. I know McHenry County is hard core GOP, and that’s okay.

    But, I am willing to give credit where credit is due, and “Locally Speaking,” Jack Franks appears to be rising up to support what he knows those who have voted him into office within the county expected of him.

    What other positions he takes state wide, I cannot comment on. But locally, he has seemingly kept his county district in mind on the votes that matter here at home.

    I believe that is worth mentioning especially to those who suffer from severe illnesses and for the elderly who can not afford the cuts that your local Republican leaders had helped pass.

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