Bikini Cover-up at Wheeler’s Fund Raiser

Barb Wheeler greets Fred and Lynn Wickham at her Wauconda fund raiser.

Teeni Weenie Bikini” was the come-on for State Rep.-to-be Barb Wheeler Saturday in Wauconda.

There may have been some at Lindy’s Landing on Bangs Lake, but they were covered up.

State Rep. and McHenry County GOP Chairman Mike Tryon and Vice Chairman John McCrory, who is heading up the local Romney for President campaign.

Some people might wonder why people running unopposed for the Illinois General Assembly need to hold fund raisers.

Nunda Township Trustee Joni Smith, husband Precinct Committeeman Brent Smith, County Board member Tina Hill, County Board candidate Mary McClellan and her husband Ed.

In the case of all Republican legislators, their leaders expect contributions that can be used elsewhere in Illinois in the goal of winning control of the chamber in question.

County Board candidate Michael Carbone and State Senate candidate Joe Neal

Wheeler, for example, is expected to pony up $5,000 a year.

Former State Rep. Al Salvi hugs his sister Barb Wheeler.

Her more senior McHenry County colleague Mike Tryon is assessed $10,000 per year.

Joe and Barb Wheeler

And State Senator Pam Althoff, because of her unpaid leadership position as the one who chairs the Senate caucus, needs to come up with $20,000 per year.

Nunda Township GOP Vice Chairman Mike Shorten and his wife Cheryl were in attendance.

There were plenty of Lake County politicians. Lake County Recorder of Deeds candidate Bob Bednar was there, for instance, as were State’s Attorney candidate Mike Nerheim and County Board candidate Tom Weber.


Bikini Cover-up at Wheeler’s Fund Raiser — 8 Comments

  1. Great party!

    Maybe some don’t like the idea that candidates are supposed to raise money for their leadership, but Barb Wheeler has proven her independence on the McHenry County board.

    I’m sure she will maintain the family’s excellent reputation by being a maverick for her district!

  2. I was present at this party and I met her for the first time.

    Barb Wheeler is a VERY impressive young candidate.

    The Republican Party is lucky she is going to be the Representative.

    I can see why no one ran against her.

    Too bad I don’t live in her district.

    She is head and shoulders the best thing going in local politics, either side. So refreshing.

  3. Give Barbara Wheeler a year and she’ll be kissing the rear end of the Democrats like Chainsaw Jack.

  4. Wake up Skeptic

    You are failing for the NEW political deceiver.

    Did she promise HOPE & CHANGE?

    Wheeler doesn’t have opposition, because she’s in bed with the Springfield Democrats.

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