Grafton Road Commissioner’s Attorney Weighs in on Tonight’s Meeting about Mediation — 7 Comments

  1. I find it odd that I could make a offer of free mediation to the Grafton Township Trustees and Supervisor and without meeting anyone or being involved otherwise that a host of comments could be made suggesting all kinds of nefarious conduct at work.

    The readers of the First Electric Newspaper hide behind anonymous posts casting wild allegations without a basis in fact.

    If the Trustees and Mrs. Moore want to mediate, they know how they can accomplish it.

    They don’t need me to tell them how to go about doing it.

    However, as I mentioned in my original offer, mediation requries a good faith effort by all involved.

    I have agreed to mediate the dispute between the Assessor and Mrs. Moore.

    In my discussion with Mr. Poper (assessor’s Attorney) and Mr, Nelson (Mrs. Moore’s attorney) both clearly have approached that process in good faith and in the absence of some unusual event, I suspect that a resolution will be found.

    If successful, that mediation will likely demonstrate the value of mediation.

    Moreover, as comments are presented critical of my offer, I ask anyone so critical for a better idea.

    If you have one, present it and perhaps the Supervisor and the Trustees might listen.

  2. Cal, as they say, when one assumes…they make a “you know what”….

    Nice come back.


    “On the other hand, according to attorney rumor, Hanlon aspires to a judicial appointment but has a conspicuously empty spot on his resume. “I don’t have any experience with dispute resolution,” Hanlon told Nelson in the hallway.”

    Other than being an attorney, Robert Hanlon brings no mediation skills or dispute resolution experience to Linda’s table. Why just last week I offered my services to Fermilab in Batavia. I would like to operate the Tevatron particle collider. I have no skills or experience with a particle collider, but like Hanlon, I don’t expect any pay; I’m volunteering. Fermilab has not gotten back to me.

  4. If Hanlon can help the blind see the light….

    He deserves the judgeship…forget about what you perceive as motivation…let’s just get to the goal of eliminating the legal fees and accomplishing all your township duties…this has become a joke that threatens the viability of township government in Illinois…

    Those who say no….why?

    It is FREE!!!

  5. First Linda appears to be blinded by by her own agenda.

    Linda does not abide by Judge Caldwell’s order to pay certain bills.

    If Linda refuses to follow orders from a McHenry County judge, why would she follow recommendations from a volunteer attorney in non-binding mediation?

    Linda’s job performance and the litany of lawsuits, both professionally and personally, indicate that Linda does what Linda wants to do, regardless of who or what is at stake.

    Former Linda backers Ziller and Halat are said to have dropped Linda are are looking for a candidate to put up against her in the spring election.

    The Grafton Township Rebuplican Party recently distanced themselves from Linda.

    The high legal fees of Grafton Township will diminish when Linda is voted out of office at the next election.

    It is evident that Linda does not care about spending OUR money on her legal fees and has proven herself to be a horrible steward of our tax dollars.

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