McHenry County College Asked for 10% Tax Hike This Year

McHenry County College, Northeastern entrance.

Dateline April 17, 2012. Finance and Negotiations Committee, McHenry County College.

Trustees Dennis Adams, Ron Parrish, Carol Larson present, Barbara Walters absent.

President Vicky Smith and Chief Financial Officer Larry West.

The minutes tell of West explaining that “the College went out for a levy representing a 9.9% increase, but the actual levy, once figured by the County, came out to a modest levy increase of 1.97%.”

Of course, it was the Real Estate Tax Cap that saved McHenry County Taxpayers from the 10% tax hike approved by the College Board.

The Board Taxed to the Max, as most other governmental entities in McHenry County did.


McHenry County College Asked for 10% Tax Hike This Year — 3 Comments

  1. I have been 27 foreclosures in Fox River Grove alone that I am personally aware of. Many more tell me that, in their words and not mine, “we are struggling to pay our taxes.” (yes I walk my precinct a lot)

    Are we all not aware of the fiscal challenges being incurred by our citizenry by the heavy yolk of government, not just in the nation, but in the state, in the county, townships, and local towns and villages?

    Good people, real families, are in dire financial shape and we cheer for a 1.97percent tax increase? They are not Republicans. They are not Democrats. They are your friends and neighbors being crushed buy a continuous cycle of increased government spending at all levels.

    There is something terribly wrong here. While the taxpayer struggles the government marches on. 8.3 percent unemployment by the way… how do the unemployed pay their taxes? Is there a government program for that too?

    Andrew Gasser

  2. Mr Gasser…I truly believe you HAVE been walking your precinct!

    Your post nails the truth.

  3. Perhaps MCC should have elected to hold off on their full time, fully sworn Police Department…Never heard of any problems with how things were getting done.

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