Grafton Township Trustees’ Reaction to Mediation Attempt

Here’s what the Grafton Township Trustee’s law firm Ancel Glink had to say about the Thursday night meeting about mediating legal disputes:

Grafton Township Trustees Barb Murphy, Rob LaPorta, Betty Zirk and Gerry McMahon.

Statement From Trustees through their Attorney.

<Requested to be Read Into the Minutes and to the Public by The Grafton Township Clerk>

August 2, 2012 1: 55PM

It is with disappointment that the Grafton Trustees are not be able to attend this evening’s special meeting as called by Supervisor Moore for the purpose of exploring a mediation solution.

While the Trustees are open-minded to engaging in mediation, neither they nor their attorneys were contacted about their availability for a meeting tonight by Ms. Moore, and this meeting was noticed without consideration of their unavailability.

Our attorney attempted to schedule a conference call with the mediator and John Nelson yesterday to select a date when all parties could participate, which is the usual process for scheduling a mediation session, but Mr. Nelson never returned her phone call.

She attempted to contact Mr. Nelson and themediator again today to establish a mutual date for mediation, but Mr. Nelson never returned her call and the mediator was unavailable.

However, she did notify both of their offices that she and the trustees were not available for tonight’s meeting.

We will continue to try to select a elate when all parties are available for mediation and will be happy to participate at that time.


Grafton Township Trustees’ Reaction to Mediation Attempt — 9 Comments

  1. I wonder if the 4 amigos , if they have regular jobs treat that job as they treat the job they were elected to do?

    They have zero interest in the operation of Grafton Township government.

    It would appear that their main goal in life is to continue their vendetta against Linda Moore. How small of them.

  2. Zorro – Yep, it’s the fault of the trustees, one of which was Linda’s running mate.

    Linda is all about Linda, the rest of us be damned. How many lawsuits, personally and professionally, have the trustees been involved with? Collectively NOT more than Linda.

    Linda’s involved in lawsuits with everybody – family (his and hers), professionally, personally.

    Yep, that’s Linda.

    Why did Linda schedule this meeting with such short notice (just meeting the legal requirement)?

    Why not wait till next week’s scheduled meeting?

    Why not give the courtesy of time and scheduling to the trustee’s attorney.

    This is another one of Linda’s stunts.

    A judge ordered Linda to pay the Forensicon bill.

    Linda did write a check, but not for the full amount as it is Linda’s desire to never let the public read Forensicon’s report.

    Yep, it’s the trustee’s fault.

  3. The 4 amigos look large to themselves but they are very small in the eyes of the taxpayers.

  4. The purpose of mediation is to accomplish something!

    That the trustees cannot even consider mediation without calling their attorneys ($200-300/hour?) is sickening.

    I wonder – if the trustees had to choose between using pink or white toilet paper, would they have to call their attorney?

    Most lawyers hate mediation, because it chops off their fees.

    In legal conflicts, the lawyers do the talking. Ka-ching, ka-ching.

    In mediation, the mediator guides the participants in talking to one another and resolving the problems.

    Obviously, a soundproof meeting room and lots of Advil would be needed, as things got started.

    The first hours would be devoted simply to getting the participants to listen to one another and to speak civilly to one another, without the side conversations shown in the photo with this article.

  5. You slam the trustees for wanting their attorney present, yet say nothing about Linda’s attorney John Nelson sitting at her side.

    This was a purely a public relations stunt on Linda’s part and you have taken it hook, line and sinker.

    It’s interesting that the trustee haters won’t address Linda’s failure to pay Forensicon, Linda’s rushed meeting, or Linda’s multiple lawsuits against relatives and coworkers.


  6. Feb is coming , vote everyone of theses dummys out.

    if you dont vote theses dummys out, Grafton deserves this wonderful show at tax peoples expense.

    Then sue every person on the board, to get your tax money back.

  7. Be careful of what you suggest.

    Throwing all the bums out sometimes includes those who put their necks on the line for the voters.

    We know the Grafton trustees, and those they’ve suckered into, believing their spite / hate…want the blame placed on Ms. Moore when they themselves are the problem!

  8. Seriously! Do any of you Moore lovers even know or understand the facts.

    The biggest one is that Moore took the township records.

    When the rest of the board at an open meeting were discussing hiring Forensicon to figure out what happened to the records Moore sat there and all along she knew she had them and never said anything.

    She did not admit that she took the records until she was forced to at her court testimony.

    Now don’t you think that Moore should have to pay back the over $26,000.00 it cost for Forensicon fee and their court cost. The whole mediation thing is a farce.

    Hanlon states that this was to choose to do the mediation.

    IF you have read Moore’s agenda it states that they were to do the mediation.

    The trustees have not ever said they were not for this, but Moore just has to bully her way to another political stunt.

    Wake up!

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