Volunteer Mediator Withdraws Offer of Free Services for Trustees’ Disputes with Supervisor, Mediation to Continue for Supervisor Moore and Assessor Ottley

A letter sent by Attorney Robert Hanlon to the Grafton Township Trustees:

Grafton Township Trustees Barb Murphy, Rob LaPorta, Betty Zirk (faces visible) and Gerry McMahon (with back to camera).

August 2, 2012
Grafton Township Offices
Messrs. LaPorta, McMahon, Moore, Murphy, Zirk,
Unit B
10109 Vine Street
Huntley, IL 60142

Via Personal Delivery at Grafton Township Offices

Re: Termination of Prior Offer of Free Mediation

Last month I made an offer to attempt to mediate the issues between the Grafton Township Trustees and the Grafton Township Supervisor.

The offer was made as a result of what I believe to be a complete waste of judicial and taxpayer resourses arising from the disputes in Grafton Township government by individuals with no direct pecuniary stake in the litigation.

When I extended my offer, I truly believed there was legitimate interest on all parties to pursue the avenue of mediation.

Initially, based on what I had heard about these disputes I was concerned about a lack of good faith by the respective parties.

Because of that I had asked Mrs. Moore for a simple concession demonstrating her good faith.

That concession was granted.

I came to the Grafton Township offices[Thursday night] with two letters, one congratulating you all for your willingness to mediate. Of course the other letter is before you.

The personal animus which I perceive still exists and is eroding the very concept of governance by consent in Grafton Township.

As of right now, Mrs. Moore and Mr. Ottley via their counsel are the only ones to have accepted my offer of mediation.

I had been in contact with some of the trustees and in particular Mr. McMahon, Mrs. Zirk and Mrs. Murphy.

Both Mrs. Zirk and Mrs. Murphy expressed an interest in the mediation process.

Approximately two weeks ago I provided dates to Mrs. Zirk so that in the event the trustees were interested in mediation a special meeting could be called.

The dates I provided her were 7/30 and 7/31.

The Trustees did not call a special meeting.

I understand from Mrs. Zirk that she was under the impression that Mrs. Moore was going to schedule a special meeting of the Grafton Township Board.

I also understand that the trustees were not willing to make a decision on my offer to mediate in the absence of their counsel.

Nevertheless, at this time I have no acceptance from the trustees and I doubt very much given Mr. LaPorta’s statement to the press and Mr. McMahon’s statements expressing concerns about success in mediation that such an approval will be forthcoming.

As such, my offer to mediate for free between the Trustees and the Supervisor is now withdrawn.

Bill Ottley

Linda Moore

The offer of mediation accepted by Mrs. Moore and Mr. Ottley will proceed unless terminated for other reasons.

Hopefully that process between Mrs. Moore and Mr. Ottley will result in a positive result for the parties and the people who are paying for the ongoing litigation.




Volunteer Mediator Withdraws Offer of Free Services for Trustees’ Disputes with Supervisor, Mediation to Continue for Supervisor Moore and Assessor Ottley — 4 Comments

  1. yeah well, at least he tried… what a total fiasco…we should all be embarrassed as grafton residents..

    Who wants to vote for me?

    I have proven I can work well with others…

    So sad i have to tell you that….

  2. I would not support Mr. Thorsen’s candidacy for anything else.

    He is too badly needed on the CL City Council where I believe his services are invaluable and if anything, underappreciated.

  3. So the so called trustees won’t co operate….Ha! What else is new. Have they ever even tried?

  4. So let me get this straight… the “concession” Hanlon got Linda to make was that she would pay the trustees for the required meetings they already attended?!

    That’s not a concession, that’s called doing her job!

    Maybe if she did her job in the first place, we wouldn’t be in this mess!

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