Island Lake Taxpayers Push for Village Hall Referendum

The entrance to the Island Lake Village Hall.

Taxpayers in Island Lake are passing petitions to force a vote on whether the Village Board can sell bonds to build a new village hall,

One of them is Jot Ptak, who ran unsuccessfully ran for the Village Board in 2011 and is known nationwide for forcing the League of Women Voters to allow the Pledge of Allegiance at the debate between Joe Walsh and Melissa Bea.

Ptak told McHenry County Blog,

“Many of us are collecting more than enough petition signatures necessary to put this NO NEW VILLAGE HALLĀ  referendum on the ballot in November.”

The required number of registered voter signatures for referendum in Island Lake is 78.

The petition will be filed Monday.


Island Lake Taxpayers Push for Village Hall Referendum — 1 Comment

  1. BEFORE the Village of Island Lake gets a new Village Hall & Police Station,

    >>>How about paying off the debt, over $300,000.00???<<<

    THEN, after paying off the debt, how about paving all the streets correctly…none of this patching stuff…UGLY!!!

    Public Works doesn't even fill the cracks on the newer paved streets, so those streets are already starting to crumble!!!

    Also, we need a SIDEWALK alongside the bridge that goes over Cotton Creek on Rte. 176 so that people can walk or ride bikes safely [too narrow on that bridge for cars, trucks and pedestrians at the same time] from the west side of town to the downtown area so that it would be easier to spend money at the downtown merchants! (that's if the Village wants more sales tax revenue!)

    ALSO, the Village needs to be MUCH MORE PROACTIVE on attracting businesses to fill those empty lots and storefronts. We need an Aldi, Panera and some other decent stores. And a few nice restaurants wouldn't hurt either, built on that land behind the Walgreens and Auto Zone!!!

    Edwin M.

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