Lobbying on Abortion at the McHenry County Fair

As last year, the McHenry County Fair had representatives from the Pro-Choice and the Pro-Life side of the abortion issue.

The McHenry County Citizens for Choice had a booth with a placard declaring, “Pro-Faith, Pro-Family, Pro-Choice.”  It was next to the Tupperware booth.

The Pro-Choicers, represented by the McHenry County Citizens for Choice, had their usual booth and the Pro-Lifers had three booths, the same as last year.

Peter’s Net returned to McHenry County’s Fair with it virtually life size models of a developing baby.

Visiting the Pro-Choice booth, as seen in the photo below, is McHenry County Democratic Party Chairman Mike Bissett and his wife, McHenry County Board member Paula Yensen.

Democratic Party Chairman Mike Bissett and his wife, McHenry County Board member Paula Yensen, visit with those at the McHenry County Citizens for Choice booth.

Peter’s Net, the organization that gave fits last year to an organization across the aisle trying to capture teenagers email addresses in return for a chance for a scholarship again graced the McHenry County Fairgrounds.  This is also one of the Pro-Life organizations the Lake County Fair tried to ban.

1st Way Pregnancy Support Services had a corner booth.

1st Way Pregnancy Support Services, a crisis pregnancy center based in Johnsburg, had a booth again, too.

The biggest Pro-Life booth was sponsored by the

So did the Catholic Diocese of Rockford.  It appeared to be three booths wide.

It even said, “Vote Pro-Life.”


Lobbying on Abortion at the McHenry County Fair — 10 Comments

  1. What would a County Fair be like without all the abortion booths and political booths?

    How about just the animals and entertainment?

  2. Gus you are being silly, right?

    There actually is a place for politics at a COUNTY Fair; COUNTY politics – which would include interest groups.

    It’s the peoples fair.

    I too love the livestock and agriculture and farmers are the best people on earth.

  3. I agree. This discussion has no place in a venue with children and young adults.

    This goes for parades as well, and the most disgusting of all, public display of pictures.

  4. Guess it should be discussed in school if kids are around either.

  5. A poor blog caption. Choice doesn’t mean abortion.

    That is the problem with the Pro-Life Group, if you aren’t believing like them then they vilify.

    At the Lake County Fair a nun came up to me and said they aren’t Pro-Life. They are pro death penalty, pro war and pro-gun.

    The are just pro-birth, after that they don’t give a darn about you.

    Right on Sister!

  6. Pro Choice?

    The life inside did not choose to be there and it does not choose to be killed.

    Oh, right, the right to choose only belongs to the woman, the woman who could also choose adoption.

  7. I too spoke to a sister at the Lake County Fair as I was closing up the Peter’s Net booth for the night.

    She had just left the Democrat booth and stopped to talk with a gentleman who was volunteering at the Peter’s Net booth and me

    Sister was quick to point to our fetal models and comment that pro-life included many subjects including war and the death penalty.

    I told her that I was opposed to the death penalty and the gentleman described cases when he felt the death penalty would be justified.

    Sister heard me suggest to the gentleman volunteer that he should read what the Catechism of the Catholic Church had to say on the subject.

    Sister also several times mentioned that pro-life means anti-war and I replied each time that the Catholic Church has a Just War teaching.

    Too bad sister did not stop while the booth was open – she would have seen our entire range of USCCB issued Respect Life literature available at the booth.

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