SEIU Endorsements Include Dee Beaubien

Fox River Grove’s Republican Precinct Committeeman Andrew Gasser has hooked a press release from the Service Employes International Union that says the union has endorsed Independent candidate for State Rep. Dee Beaubien.

Since the press release lists all the Illinois politicians endorsed, I thought it ought to be reproduced where it could be more easily found.  It’s below (emphasis added):

SEIU Illinois State Council Issues 2012 General Election Endorsements for Congressional and State Legislative Races By SEIU Illinois State Council

Published: Friday, Aug. 3, 2012 – 6:41 am

CHICAGO, Aug. 3, 2012 — /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — To advance the cause for economic equality and opportunity, the Service Employees International Union Illinois State Council announced its endorsements for the upcoming general election on November 6, 2012.

Representing more than 170,000 workers, the state’s largest labor union put its backing behind candidates who have demonstrated strong voting records on issues related to income equality, affordable housing, consumer protections, access to affordable health care and other needs that help keep working families and their communities stable, healthy and safe.

“Each of these candidates has championed the needs of the working families united in SEIU and the millions of people they serve every day as home care and child care providers, public employees, medical professionals, security guards, janitors, first responders and social service workers,” said Tom Balanoff, President of the SEIU Illinois State Council.

“The candidates that we endorsed today have demonstrated a commitment to working families and we’re proud to stand with them in their upcoming races,” said Keith Kelleher, Vice President of the SEIU Illinois State Council. “Our state and our country is at a major crossroads. This November, the fundamental question will be whether we elect leaders who believe in shared prosperity, economic and tax fairness, and who will fight to rebuild and strengthen working and middle class families from the ground up.”

“SEIU members have a proven track record of helping to elect candidates who fight for stronger communities and against growing income inequality. We look forward to continuing that trend,” said Christine Boardman, Treasurer of the the SEIU Illinois State Council.

The SEIU Illinois State Council does not issue endorsements in uncontested state legislative elections where there is an incumbent officeholder.

The candidates earning the endorsements were:

*denotes incumbent

U.S. House of Representatives 1st District—Bobby Rush (D)* 2nd District—Jesse Jackson Jr. (D)* 3rd District—Dan Lipinski (D)* 4th District—Luis Gutierrez (D)* 5th District—Mike Quigley (D)* 7th District—Danny Davis (D)* 8th District—Tammy Duckworth (D) 9th District—Jan Schakowsky (D)* 10th District – Brad Schneider (D) 11th District—Bill Foster (D)* 12th District—Bill Enyart (D) 13th District—David Gill (D) 17th District—Cheri Bustos (D)

Indiana US Senate Joe Donnelly (D)

Indiana US House of Representatives 1st District—Pete Visclosky (D)* 2nd District– Brendan Mullen (D) 5th District—Scott Reske (D) 7th District—Andre Carson (D)* 8th District—David Crooks (D)

Dee Beaubien announcing her candidacy.

Illinois House of Representatives 2nd District—Ed Acevedo (D)* 15th District—John D’Amico (D)* 16th District—Lou Lang (D)* 17th District—Laura Fine (D) 18th District—Robyn Gabel (D)* 20th District—Michael McAuliffe (R)* 22nd District—Michael J. Madigan (D)* 25th District—Barbara Flynn Currie (D)* 33rd District—Marcus Evans (D)* 35th District—Frances Ann Hurley (D) 40th District—Deborah Mell (D)* 45th District—Dennis Reboletti (R)* 46th District—Deborah O’Keefe Conroy (D) 52nd District—Dee Beaubien (independent) 55th District—Martin J. Moylan (D) 58th District—Scott Drury (D) 60th District—Rita Mayfield (D)* 72nd District—Patrick Verschoore (D)* 74th District—Donald L. Moffitt (R)* 76th District—Frank J. Mautino (D)* 77th District—Angelo “Skip” Saviano (R)* 78th District—Camille Lilly (D)* 79th District—Katherine “Kate” Cloonen (D) 84th District—Stephanie Kifowit (D) 91st District—Jennifer Groves Allison (D) 96th District—Sue Scherer (D) 98th District—Natalie A. Manley (D) 103rd District—Naomi Jakobsson (D)* 111th District—Daniel V. Beiser (D)* 113th District—Jay C. Hoffman (D) 114th District—Eddie Lee Jackson (D)* 117th District—John Bradley (D)*

Illinois State Senate 6th District—John Cullerton (D)* 8th District—Ira Silverstein (D)* 9th District—Dan Biss (D) 17th District—Donne Trotter (D)* 18th District—Bill Cunningham (D) 22nd District—Michael Noland (D)* 28th District—Dan Kotowski (D)* 29th District—Julie Morrison (D) 30th District—Terry Link (D)* 34th District—Steven “Steve” Stadelman (D) 36th District—Mike Jacobs (D)* 38th District—Christine Benson (D) 40th District—Toi W. Hutchinson (D)* 42nd District—Linda Holmes (D)* 43rd District—Pat McGuire (D)* 46th District—David Koehler (D)* 47th District—John Sullivan (D)* 48th District—Andy Manar (D) 49th District—Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant (D) 52nd District—Michael Frerichs (D)* 56th District—Bill Haine (D)* 57th District—James Clayborne (D)* 59th District—Gary Forby (D)*

SEIU Illinois State Council represents 170,000 members throughout Illinois. SEIU members in Illinois assist people with disabilities, care for senior citizens, educate youth, provide health care, protect public safety, clean and maintain businesses and buildings and much more.


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  1. What a surprise!

    Well, I guess the teacher’s unions, the gay rights activists, the trial lawyers, the environmentalists, the abortionists, Personal PAC, GLBTQ groups, and Jeff Thorsen are soon to join.

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