Bachmann’s “Dirty Keith vs. Dirty Harry” Blog Back

Former Democratic Party McHenry County Coroner’s candidate and, more recently, careful watcher of the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department David Bachmann is back on line.

Given the second arrest of one of Keith Nygren’s Sergeants, a man named Greg Pyle, Bachmann runs the following headline on the top of this publication:

“McHenry County Sheriffs Department is Run By Perverts and Thugs! Feds Appear Engaged!!”

Clearly, Bachmann is pleased at the Federal involvement.

And not a fan of the leadership in the Sheriff’s Department.

If you haven’t taken a look recently, he has some observations you might find of interest.

Today, Bachmann has added a map of Wisconsin marked with places from which his blog got hits. He promises more state maps in the coming days.

Dave Bachmann thinks these marked towns, sources of hits on his blog, might be significant.

There is also a map of Michigan.


Bachmann’s “Dirty Keith vs. Dirty Harry” Blog Back — 7 Comments

  1. I’m embarrassed for you that you pay attention to this lunatic.

  2. You should be embarrassed . . . it sounds like you are being exposed and name calling is a guilty come back!!!

  3. I know, absolutely nothing Bachmann says pans out. NOT!!!

    He has been saying Pyle was a psychotic freak for years.


    I read his stuff like Nostradamus.

    What he says come to fruition, not as fast as he predicts but he is pretty much batting 1.000.

  4. Huh. Nostradamus.

    Did they find the Mexican cartel yet that beheaded the bleached laboratory skulls found in Bull Valley yet.

    Must have missed it.

    Maybe that’ll pan out eventually.

  5. I am sorry “NotaTeaDrinker” that “You Can’t Handle the Truth!”

    I have had Keith Nygren chasing his tail covering over his miss-deeds for almost three years now.

    Tax fraud in two states, I posted it, and it happened.

    The fact that the author of the insane blog The Diametrical Anti Woodstock Advocate, turned out to be exactly who I said it was over a full year before his identity came out in a Federal Court hearing, that being Deputy Greg Pyle, again proved correct.

    I stated on my blog that Deputy Greg Pyle is a highly dangerous man. I was sent threats and told how I have slandered the name of a ‘Good Deputy!”

    I stated two weeks ago on my blog, that within days, an “Explosive” event would take place that will rock McHenry County to its core.

    If what just happened with Deputy Pyle and if you read the federal complaint didn’t make you drop to your knees to pray for that child, and there will be more to come I can assure you, then I can’t help you.

    I never posted on my blog anything about those skulls, which were clearly ‘Anatomical Study Materials’ as seen via a newspaper photograph.

    I did in fact, make a lengthy comment right here on Cal’s comment board, that I felt, based upon my personal, first hand work experience in the Homicide and Organized Crime Unit within the Mexican Department of Justice, a full investigation was warranted. If only for training purposes in that case.

    Why would I say that and why did I take at least a full hour of my time to help educate the good people of McHenry County about the symbolism of ‘skulls’ dumped on a families property?

    Follow this link below and you will understand that less than 50 miles from your front door, the most dangerous drug cartels are in full operation and decapitation is their trade mark.

    I wrote about what I had witnessed with my own eyes in order to bring about awareness to family and friends of all McHenry County citizens.

    Click upon the above link.

    I’m sorry “NotaTeaDrinker” if the truth so bothers you? Perhaps my posts are hitting a little close to home?

    Who was it that busted out the Nygren’s for cheating two states out of tax money?

    Who was it that told McHenry County Citizens two years PRIOR to the facts being outed in a Federal Court transcript that the author of an obvious insane, mentally deranged blog titled the “Diametrical Anti Woodstock Advocate,” was in fact a McHenry County Deputy named “Gregory Pyle?”

    I continued to warn the county about Pyle for over two years, yet Nygren just kept on promoting the man, giving him charge of the evidence room even. Nobody listened to me.

    Two weeks ago, I posted on my blog, that very soon, and I showed the hands of a clock about to strike midnight, that an “Explosive” event was about the shock all of McHenry County.

    If what has just been announced by the US Dept of Justice regarding a man that your Sheriff has been very close to, and continued to pay over 7,000.00 a month to since his first arrest, did not make you hit your knees and pray for that innocent child who that ‘Monster’ abused, then you “NotaTeaDrinker” are a very sick individual.

    “You” the person “NotateaDrinker” seem to show up when I keep getting it right and keep getting a little closer and closer to you?

    As far as time tables. Often times, arrests are about to happen, are in the engagement stage, when suddenly, more evidence becomes available and an arrest is called off in order to preserve the secrecy of a case and to further the case or broaden the scope.

    Thus, in fact what was supposed to ‘go down,’ did not at the moment expected, but given time, everything I have written has come to pass.

    I began writing about Keith Nygren and drugs in McHenry County since September 2009. I have had Keith Nyren chasing his tail ever since. Making move after move, and you have all seen it playing out, just like a chess game.

    Nygren continues to move his pawns all around from one place to the next.

    I never knew a man named Zane Seipler when I began my blog.

    I never knew of Scott Milliman until more than a full year after I began posting about things relating to the Sheriff. Interestingly, after reading “Federal Court Transcripts” regarding what former Deputy Milliman had stated during his ‘sworn’ deposition, we all saw Milliman stated exactly what I had been writing about well before I knew he existed.

    I can go on and on, but I won’t waste more of Cal’s readers time on the likes of a person who is to much of a coward to take shots at me via false screen name.

    I can’t stand coward’s and you are just that NotateaDrinker. Call me all the names you like, at least I give you that privilege because I don’t hide myself. Say what you please about me, I care less.

    Keep watching for more of my maps. I certainly know the authorities are with great interest.

    Do you know who also takes great interest in what I have laid out? The “IRS!”

    Dealing with Federal government law enforcement its not like dealing with your home town cop. One cannot just point his finger at a criminal and see immediate results.

    This is even more true especially when it involves money laundering and clandestine activity such as you are now seeing coming out.

    An agent must get permission from his supervisor to look into allegations. He must ask his supervisor to seek ‘funding’ to begin any operation, and he must also be in concert with the US Attorney within his district.

    You’re looking at three months minimum to even open a case, then it can remain in the investigative stage for years.

    Then all of a sudden, you get that knock on the door and it’s over!

    My time and effort with my blog, is to serve McHenry County by giving information that might just save your life.

    I wonder if Dr. Pavlin would have opened his front door the night he and his wife were victims of Deputy Sheriff brutality had he been reading my blog?

    Good luck “Keith!”

  6. Holy tin foil hat batman…quick wrap that head in Reynolds Wrap before they get the radio waves in again.

  7. You Nygrenite’s just make it to easy for me!!

    Your like playing with little monkey’s……… I throw out the bait and you just keep biting!! LOL LOL

    Hey, speaking of Tin Foil hats…. I hear your boy is being fitted for a Tin Foil Body suit for life!

    Yea, the Nygrenite’s… For some reason I picture all of you standing around the office picking your noses like the photo of the fat man himself standing in his parade vehicle with his thumb up his nose!

    I hear you cant have any microwave ovens in the Sheriffs Department break room….. sets off to many nut cases with guns! That is, the ones that suffer from the same disease Pyle has…..

    He caught a case of “Nygrenitis..”

    It first appears as brown spots on the nose with a horrible odor, then, travels to the brain, then you start marrying porn queens and desire unspeakable cravings as you travel aimlessly from state to state trying to figure out why you can’t stop running in circles!

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