Linda Moore Points to “Dis-function” of Grafton Township Government, Says County Board Could Follow Suit If Voters Approve County Executive Form of Government, Calls for County Board Chairman Term Limits

Linda Moore campaigned against the new Grafton Township Hall the Township Board under Supervisor John Rossi had approved without giving sufficient public notice (according to Judge Michael Caldwell).

Linda Moore offered the following advice to McHenry County citizens about Democrat State Rep. Jack Franks’ proposal to change county government from a parliamentary system to a strong executive system:

“Good Morning, my name is Linda Moore and I am the Grafton Township Supervisor. Thank you for the opportunity to speak to this honorable board of representatives this morning.

“I would like to offer a different point of view on the issue of electing the county board chairman at large.

“Historically, the county board was the county board of supervisors, township supervisors. This means that our county board government was founded on township law.

“In current township law, there exists a five member board which includes four trustees and a supervisor. Each position is elected individually by the residents, including the township supervisor.

“You could say we are elected at large.

“By law, the supervisor is the chairman of the board or Chief Executive Officer and treasurer. The supervisor is required to sign all township checks and administers general assistance for those in financial difficulty. We are the only official who is bonded.

“Supervisors are responsible for the day to day administration of the township.

“This general structure holds true for municipal & village governments as well.

Linda Moore campaigns at the Huntley Business Expo.

“I was successfully elected as township supervisor on a platform of responsible government and a referendum to stop the construction of a new town hall.

“However, the trustees who were elected to serve with me were clearly in favor of the new town hall.

“I was elected as Chairman of the Township Board based on my representation of the elector’s wishes.

“Due to the diverse perspectives of this board, I have experienced and endured the wrath of these trustees for the entire duration of my term of office. Many municipalities are having similar experiences to those of Grafton Township.

“If the county board elects its chairman at large in a fashion similar to township and municipal government, there is a very real chance you may find this board in a similar situation and state of dis-function as we are experiencing in area municipalities and in Grafton Township.

“You, the county board, could avoid this problem and address the public’s concerns by embracing an internal policy of term limits for your chairman / vice-chairman and continuing to allow the county board representatives to elect their own chairman from those representatives that win re-election in November.”


Linda Moore Points to “Dis-function” of Grafton Township Government, Says County Board Could Follow Suit If Voters Approve County Executive Form of Government, Calls for County Board Chairman Term Limits — 5 Comments

  1. Is SHE pointing at herself?

    SHE would luv everyone to believe that it’s all sour grapes because of “the building.”

    What SHE fails to mention is that SHE and trustee Gerry McM. ran together.

    It didn’t take Gerry long to realize SHE was the problem (SHE can’t work with anyone; see numerous lawsuits, both professionally and personal for examples).

    It took many of HER supporters a bit longer to realize SHE was the problem, as evidenced by her former supporters Halat and Ziller shopping for another township candidate.

    SHE writes “the supervisor is the chairman of the board or Chief Executive Officer and treasurer” yet SHE takes no responsibility for her debacle.

    Things will change with the next election.

    Except for trips to Woodstock for court appearances, SHE will have lots of free time and will be looking for work.
    To HER supporters, with all due respect, if you think SHE is doing a stellar job, would you hire HER to work for you?

  2. I don’t think anything could possibly promote more dysfunction than Grafton Township.

    But it does go both ways which many here forget or refuse to admit.

  3. She writes about the wrath of the trustees?


    How about her wrath?

    The supervisor does not know how to get along or work with anyone.

    Again let me remind you who took the records from the township office.

    Who never admitted it until she had to under oath in HER lawsuit testimony.

    Who cost the taxpayers over $26,000.00 for a forensic audit when all along she had the records.

    That alone should tell everyone what kind of person the supervisor is and just what she is about.

    WAKE UP !!!

  4. I think you missed the point she was trying to make.

    Franks wants McHenry County to move to electing a County Board Chairman at large instead of having the board members we elect make that decision.

    If we move to an election of a County Board Chairman by the people, she is afraid we could have the same problem Grafton is having where the board will be butting heads with that elected County Executive.

    I believe she is saying to stay with the present parliamentary system where the people elect the board members and they in turn elect their chairmam, but with one caveat: an internal policy of term limits for the chairman & vice chairman.

    I personally think this makes a lot of sense.

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