Methodists Invite Folks to Hannah Beardsley Middle School to Pack Meals for Haiti Sunday Morning

Twenty-four packing lines have been set up in the cafeteria of Hannah Beadsley Middle School.

If you are not doing anything Sunday morning, the First Methodist Church of Crystal Lake is hosting a meal packing morning for Haiti.

Methodist Church usher Bill Moll can be seen here at one of the Salvation Army’s packing lines at the old Cub Food store.  Virtually any aged person can help.

Two years ago the Salvation Army hosted a massive event at the old Cub Food Store in the failed shopping center behind Colonial Cafe.

Over 750,000 meals were packed.

The scoop on the Meals for Haiti Stirred to Serve event Sunday morning.

The Methodists’ goals are more modest.  I’ve heard the figure 30,000 at church.

More information about the Stirred to Serve Haiti meal preparation event.

There is room for 288 volunteers, who will start about 9 to 9:30 Sunday morning on August 19th.

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