Susan B. Anthony Fund Makes Register and Vote Mailing

The Susan B. Anthony Fund post card.

Friday, the Pro-Life Susan B. Anthony Fund mailed the two guys in the Skinner household postcards urging us to get registered and vote November 6th.

My son in high school and I got identical post cards.

It was the same day I read of a judge in Pennsylvania having allowed a state law to stand requiring the showing of photo identifications prior to being allowed to vote.

And the same day my son got his freshman Photo ID from Crystal Lake Central High School.

As I handed him his post card, I told him he could now vote in Pennsylvania.

“But, I’m not 18,” he pointed out.

He also pointed out that he didn’t live in Pennsylvania.

So much for Dad’s lame jokes.

= = = = =
For those needing to brush up on their feminist history, Susan B. Anthony opposed abortion.

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