Walsh Presses Duckworth on “Lavish” Veterans Affairs Department Conventions

A press release from Congressman Joe Walsh:

Tammy refuses to discuss her role in lavish VA conventions

Tammy Duckworth was interviewed by Chris Wallace during a flap during her time in the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Earlier this week it was disclosed that during Tammy Duckworth’s time as Undersecretary of Veterans Affairs at the VA, two lavish conventions costing the tax payers over $5 million dollars were planned.

At that time, Congressman Walsh asked Ms. Duckworth to come forward and explain to 8th district voters and veterans what role she played in this blatant abuse of tax payer money.

As expected, Ms. Duckworth refused to answer the voters.

Today, we have now learned that the House Veterans Committee has launched a bi-partisan investigation into this gross misuse of tax payer dollars.

Chairman Jeff Miller is quoted as saying “I question the excessiveness in which taxpayer dollars are being used to fund multi-million dollar conferences.” To view the letter, click here.

Congressman Walsh stated “I am deeply troubled that once again Ms. Duckworth refuses to address concerns that voters have regarding her misuse of taxpayer dollars. We already know that during her time as head of the Illinois VA her department was cited 12 times by the State Auditor for excessive violations in spending tax payer dollars. Now, during her time as the Undersecretary of Veterans Affairs in Washington, two conventions were planned that wasted $5 million dollars in tax payer funds.

‚ÄúTammy, first and foremost, your job while serving at the VA should have been the welfare of Veterans, not Washington bureaucrats and lavish conferences. The voters of the 8th district, especially the veterans, deserve to know what knowledge you had of these conventions. I hope you come out and prove that your mismanagement of taxpayer dollars ended after your tenure in Illinois, and did not continue those actions in DC.”


Walsh Presses Duckworth on “Lavish” Veterans Affairs Department Conventions — 4 Comments

  1. So looks like Duckworth….ducks the question?

    Would a money grubbing Democrat tell the truth?

    No, she only knows how to lie…

    Corruption is her middle name…

  2. I asked Walsh if tax dollars paid for any of the trips.

    He said they did not.

  3. OH… LCTRUTH….

    Did you ask Gov. Quinn…

    Why he spent tax dollars to go to China last Sept?
    Why he spent tax dollars to go Spain and then Brazil in July?

    Last I heard Illinois is broke and can’t pay their bills.

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