Today Is the Day to See McHenry County’s 2040 Transportation Plan at CL City Hall

That’s what this reminder from the McHenry County Department of Transportation says:

“The McHenry County Division of Transportation will be holding an open house this Thursday, August 23rd, 2012, between 2:00 PM and 7:00 PM at the Crystal Lake City Hall.

“Attendees will be able to review the public comments on the 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan that have been heard to this point, review the goals and objectives of the plan, and provide their input on the direction of the plan.

“County DOT staff will be in attendance to listen to your ideas and gather input. To learn more about the plan, review documents, and see what others in the County have to say about transportation on the ‘Map’ visit”

Among the information used to create the plan are the following population esxtimates:

McHenry County population projections to the year 2030.

If you are more comfortable with graphics that tables, below are maps of households per acre in 2006 and 2030.

Households per acre in McHenry County in 2006.

Both of these images may be enlarged by clicking on them.

Estimated McHenry County households per acre in 2030.

And how does the County Board spent and plan to spend your money between 2006 and 2030. Take a look below:

Proposed major road improvements from 2006-2030 are seen above.


Today Is the Day to See McHenry County’s 2040 Transportation Plan at CL City Hall — 1 Comment

  1. And District 6 gets the shaft again.

    It’s time to break up McHenry County in half.

    East of Rte.47 Will be McHenry….West of 47 will be ” Harsh County.”

    In that way, we, who live in the “boonies,” will be able to govern ourselves properly, instead of being ignored and dumped on. Play your games, clowns, the people out West

    are really angry and fed up.

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