Tryon-Sponsored Fee Increase Bill Signed

A press release from State Rep. Mike Tryon:

Governor Signs Tryon Bill to Bring Illinois Livestock Farmers into Compliance with Federal Regulations

SPRINGFIELD…..A bipartisan bill sponsored by State Rep. Mike Tryon (R-Crystal Lake) that brings Illinois livestock producers into compliance with federal Clean Water Act regulations has been signed into law.

In 2010 I found this poster against a Jo Daviess County mega dairy farm in the front window of a politically inclined antique dealer.

Under the provisions of House Bill 5642, owners of large livestock farms known as Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) will have to pay an annual fee for permits involving the amount of pollution a farm’s animals produce.

“The legislation is the result of a federal EPA investigation which concluded that Illinois CAFOs were not in compliance with the Clean Water Act because many of the farms did not have the required permits,” said Tryon.

“The non-compliance could have resulted in stiff penalties, including an EPA takeover of the permit system which currently is controlled by Illinois industries.”

The bill was signed into law as Public Act 97-962, and it was widely supported by individuals from both the environmental community and by the producers of America’s pork, beef, and specialty meats

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The fees imposed run from $150 to $750.

The Senate vote was 42-15 with Pam Althoff voting in favor and Dan Duffy against.

The House passed the bill 91-14-1 with Kent Gaffney and Tryon voting for the bill, while Jack Franks did not vote having an “E” next to his name.


Tryon-Sponsored Fee Increase Bill Signed — 5 Comments

  1. Last year Tryon also voted to raise taxes on the Sportsman hunting and fishing licness.


  2. Our entire nation’s food supply is produced by a fraction of 1% of our population that toil under onerous regulations as it is.

    This legislation will only serve to strangle those that already produce a safe food supply.

    This is handing over more power to unelected bureaucrats that will ensure our food supply will not be provided by generational family farms.

  3. And he is STILL poisoning our water supply.

    No, Mike, nuero toxins purposefully placed in the public water supply are NOT a good thing!

    Where’s the bill I asked for?

    He’s too busy with strangling the taxpayers with his increased tax bills.

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