State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi’s 2012 Fund Raiser a Sell-Out

“You made it possible” [to run unopposed after withstanding two criminal trials],” McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi told supporters at his fund raiser.

Last year’s fund raiserfrom McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi was a victory celebration.

It was also the day he announced his candidacy for a third term in office.

It came within days after his second criminal case was dismissed without having to put on any evidence.

Judge Joseph McGraw had rendered his second directed verdict and 300 or so of Bianchi’s loyal supporters gathered at the Boulder Ridge Country Club for a big party.

This summer’s Festa Italiana was even bigger.

Seats were hard to find this year.

People who came after six had trouble finding seats.

There was a festive mood at the Festa Italiana.

Some estimated that the number attending was one-third more than in 2011–around 400.

After the speech, people again started to meet, greet, exchange gossip and information.

It was a consolidation of power party.

Lou Bianchi addresses the Boulder Hill fund raiser crowd.

Indeed, in his speech to the crowd Bianchi talked about “winning the war.”

“You can win the battle, but lose the war.

“We won two huge battles in a grand manner,” the State’s Attorney said.

“But I wasn’t sure we would regain the confidence of the community and the voters.

“You are the ones who made sure the community would Stand by Lou.

He characterized the lack of a Republican Primary Election opponent and a November Election opponent as “confirmation” that the bond of trust with the community had been reaffirmed.

Bianchi argued that trust was “proof that putting good people who have good intentions on the ballot and into office” was the way to good government in McHenry County.

As previously, Bianchi outlined his accomplishments.

He summarized the keeping of his 2008 campaign goals in that year’s slogan:

Promises kept. Justice for all.

He pointed out that

  • the State’s Attorney’s Office had gone from the five trials a year during his predecessor’s years to “fifty per year”
  • $500,000 a year is being saved by having in-house attorneys do work that outside attorneys used to perform
  • he had helped establish the
      – Mental Health Court
      – Drug Court
      – First Offender Program
  • $272,000 had been recovered from people who wrote bad checks (one woman who benefited from the program wanted me to take her picture with Bianchi)
  • a program he helped start has resulted in the collection of $494,000 in fines that otherwise wouldhave gone unpaid
  • his office was enforcing new statutes to take gangs off the street

McHenry County Deputy Sheriff Zane Seipler, who challenged the man who fired him, Sheriff Keith Nygren, and future Coroner Dr. Anne Majewski chat at State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi’s 2012 fund raiser.

Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran

Politicians aplenty were in attendance.

The man mile award went to Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran.

He wasn’t the only one from out of the county, but he was the only elected official I noticed.

McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren was missing.

So was Undersheriff Andy Zinke, a declared candidate for Sheriff in the 2014 Republican Primary Election whom Nygren has endorsed to replace him.

Announced candidate Jim Harrison did attend.

Announced Sheriff’s candidate Jim Harrison and his wife Carolyn were greeting people at Lou Bianchi’s fund raiser.

So did 2008 candidates for Sheriff Zane Seilper, whom Nygren beat and Democrat Mike Mahon.

2010 Democratic Party Sheriff’s candidate Mike Mahon chatted with Des Plaines Police Commander Bill Prim.

I spied Judges Bill Caldwell and Michael W. Feetterer.

Anne Majewski, the uncontested GOP candidate for Coroner, was the only countywide candidate I spotted.

County Board members and candidates (asterisks next to their names) included

  • Bob Bless
  • Tina Hill
  • John Jung
  • Ken Koehler
  • Donna Kurtz
  • Nick Provenzano
  • Michael Rein*
  • Sandy Salgado
  • Mike Walkup*

State Senate candidate Karen McConnaughay and State Rep. candidate David McSweeney were at the event.

There were some municipal officials, including Woodstock Mayor Brian Sager, McHenry Alderman Andy Glab and Hebron Trustee Mark Shepherd.   Probably others whom I did not recognize.

I noticed Grafton Township Trustees Rob LaPorta and Betty Zirk, Clerk Harriet Ford, plus newly-announce candidate for Grafton Township Supervisor Marty Waitzman.

There were lots of Republican Precinct Committee. They got the deal of the night. $25 for two. And that included beer and wine.

Missing was McHenry County Republican County Chairman and State Rep. Mike Tryon and State Senator Pam Althoff.


State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi’s 2012 Fund Raiser a Sell-Out — 10 Comments

  1. What a wonderful sight!

    Such a contrast in ‘class’ of States Attorney Bianchi’s circle of supporters and friends as compared to the…..well, let’s leave it at this.

    I wish I could have attended Mr. Bianchi. I’ve deeply admired and respected you and your office dating back to 2008. You’re a good man, a man of integrity and honor.

    “Integrity” is what a man does when nobody is looking and you sir, certainly exude such honorable qualities.

    I’m hard at work, with further good news to soon be delivered in the near future.

    May God continue to watch over you and your family. The “Angels” are fast at work clearing a path for you to carry on!

    Great Pictures Cal of such a classy group of devoted people. Devoted to “Justice!”

    We are almost there folks! “Lou, is with you!”

  2. I’ve never met Dave Bachman, but his message and Cal’s coverage of the Festa is a great way to start today, and every day.

    I do believe McHenry County is turning the corner on corruption.

    We owe this to the courage of the good people who come forward and take a stand.

    thank you, all of you, known and unknown.

  3. Anonymous, you said that you believe McHenry County is turning the corner on corruption.

    #1. Of what corruption do you speak?
    #2. If there was corruption how did the “good” people come forward? What did they say, what did they do.

    Optional for extra credit: What is your Disneyland like?

  4. Watching – do you have a bag over your head??

    If you read this blog and reliable print media and do not understand, you have some serious issues.

  5. This “Watching” has been taking too many naps . . . you know the onces where Sherfiff deputies hang out.

  6. Watching you must have your entire Head up your BUTT.

    You must be one of them votes that doesn’t research before voting.

    It’s all good keep smokin that junk.

  7. Are they letting Pyle get internet access in Boone County Jail?

    You’d think he’d lay off the internet already (WATCHING).

    Its caused him enough trouble.

  8. The McHenry family court system is so corrupt it’s appalling!

    If Mr. State’s attorney hands are not dirty he would investigate the injustice going on!

  9. McHenry County corruption is pathetic.

    Family court, State’s attorney, Judges, Attorneys etc…

    Hurting people and ruining lives!

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