Quinn Vetoes Gambling Expansion Bill

Gov. Pat Quinn dug the Tollway interchange his 88% Toll Tax increase is financing, but not the bill to expand gambling.

A press release from The Task Force to Oppose Casino Gambling for Chicago:

Task Force Applauds Governor Quinn’s Veto of SB1849

The Task Force to Oppose Gambling for Chicago today called Governor Quinn’s  veto of SB1849 a courageous political act. Despite pressure from Mayor Emanuel and others to bring a casinos to Chicago and four other areas, he kept his word to veto the bill.

Doug Dobmeyer, Spokesperson for the Task Force to Oppose Gambling for Chicago said, “The proponents, many not even living in the city want to bleed the city dry. Chicago will dodge a bullet that would have changed the character of Chicago forever.”

The Task Force to Oppose Casino Gambling for Chicago consists of business, civic organizations and religious leaders. The group continues to be in formation.

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Locally State Senator Pam Althoff and Dan Duffy voted against the bill.  State Rep. Kent Gaffney voted “Yes,” while State Reps. Jack Franks and Mike Tryon voted “No.”


Quinn Vetoes Gambling Expansion Bill — 2 Comments

  1. That shovel represents the financial grave Quinn, other Governors, and the General Assembly dug for the State of Illinois. Mountains of debt and unfunded liabilities everywhere you look.

    The mob controlling gambling is obviously not what sunk Illinois.

    What sunk Illinois was the absurd laws passed by the General Assembly and approved by Governors and the abuse of power at every level of government.

    It will never change unless more citizens get involved.

    Just pick a suspicious unit of government and dig into their finances, and if you don’t know how, teach yourself, go to Board meetings, talk to anyone that will listen to you.

    Democracy in Illinois is not working because not enough citizens are involved in Democracy to counteract the corrupt politicians.

    You can’t trust any unit of government in Illinois to do the right thing for you.

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