Congressional Candidate Dennis Anderson Holding Saturday, Sept. 1st Fund Raiser in Harvard

Dennis Anderson’s yard sign.

A press release from 14th District Democratic Party Congressional candidate Dennis Anderson:

Harvard’s McGarry Bowl Hosts Dennis Anderson for Congress Fundraiser

Crystal Lake—Dennis Anderson, Democratic candidate for Congress in the new 14th District will have a bowling and pizza fundraiser this Saturday, September 1 from 3:30 to 6:30 at McCarry’s Bowl, 5507 S, Highway 14 in Harvard.

Dennis Anderson chats with a potential constituent.

Much of McHenry County now lies in the 14th District following reapportionment. Anderson faces Republican Congressman Randy Hultgren in the November election.

Tickets are $30, $50 per couple and kids under 17 accompanied by an adult, $8. Tickets include three games of bowling, shoe rental, pizza and soft drinks. Tickets may be purchased on line at or at the door.

For more information call the Anderson for Congress Crystal Lake office at 815 444-0305.


Congressional Candidate Dennis Anderson Holding Saturday, Sept. 1st Fund Raiser in Harvard — 4 Comments

  1. We must vote to Replace Tea Baggers Hultgren and Walsh.

    The Tea Party is nothing more than a Narcissistic Sociopathic Cult (Tea Baggers will have to look up the meaning of those words) of the Founding and Funding Koch Brothers who wish to install their Ayn Randian Ideology on America.

    They including the asinine policies of lower taxes on Millionaires and Corporations, No Consumer Protections, No Wall Street Regulations, No Environmental Regulations, the destruction of Middle class wages through Union busting, voter suppression and the attack on women’s health care rights, minorities civil rights, abolishing social security, Medicare, public education and any green energy initiatives, All to promote their fallacy and farce of “Smaller Government” to expand their plutocratic rule.

    Only the Low IQ, Low information Fox “news” viewing More Ons could possible think this good for American and our Democracy.

  2. Hey, Bob, I’m a tea bagger and proud of it, we are making remarkable inroads into the entire political spectrum!

    Get use to it!

  3. Bob sounds like a disgruntled union boss, worried about the continued slide in union membership (now going on 18 years), the rank and file membershipS have smartened up, no more need.

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